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(?)Another Non-Linux Question

From Zeki67@aol.com on 08 Oct 1998

I have been trying to connect my brothers PC in Louisville with mine in Atlanta using his Win95 dial-up as a client and mine as nt4.0 ras server.

(!)I'm the "Linux Gazette Answer Guy" --- call Microsoft's tech support with our questions about their OS.
If you'd like to try Linux at either end of this connection --- be sure to look through some of our HOWTO's and guides at: http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP (Linux Documentation Project).

(?)We have tried with different protocols, and our workgroups, user names and p/words matching but with no success.

He can dial from win95, but mine does not respond at all. So I thought my modem which is not listed in misrosoft's HCL, is CPI Viva 33.6 CommCenter. I know for sure that my modem could not automaically answer the call under nt4.0, because when I set up my server as Win95 Dial-up server the modem answered and we made the connection. I even tried to edit the modem log for my modem type incase if it works, but I didn't know how to edit the log.

Is there any method you can think of how to solve this problem. I want to use my nt4.0 RAS to connect to Win95 Dial-Up client. Please help me.

(!)I want to stop getting questions for some OS that I don't run, a derivative of one that I abandonned a half decade ago. Please help me. Call Microsoft (or hire an MCSE, or try your modem vendor).

(?)Thank you. Zeki

[ All of you folks interested in MS-Windows rather than the Linux environment might find http://www.fixwindows.com/ handy; it's run by MCSE's, so I suppose in a worst case, you know where to hire someone. But before you go that far, they have a vendor phone listing, and some hints for effective troubleshooting. There's also a newsgroup heirarchy for your environment.

If you are considering switching and you like experimenting, you might help out the WINE Prohect at http://www.winehq.com/, run a copy of WinOS/2 under Dosemu (http://www.suse.com/dosemu/), or try any of the growing number of major applications available in both environments. -- Heather ]

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