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(?)All that Vaunted Support for those Windows Users

From prince20 on 14 Sep 1998


My Favorites Folder was converted to a shell file after I reinstalled Windows95 and Internet Explorer 4.01SP.

(!)What is a "shell file"?

(?)Yeah you guessed it I did not back up the folder. The problem I have is that I can not open the shell file. I have used every method I know but nothing is happening.

Do you know of a tool or a way to open the shell file? Please Email me. Your help is appreciated.

(!)I'd look at it in 'vi' if it was on my system. However, that probably isn't very helpful.

(?)Thank You

(!)Where did you get this address and why did you mail this question to me? I volunteer time to answer Linux questions. I don't run Win 95. Microsoft and other commercial software companies are supposed to have their own tech support departments. If those sources of support are failing you --- perhaps you should reconsider your software purchases.

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