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(?)The Infection and the Cure: (Good Times as a Virus)

From peter.wiersig@db.com on 23 Oct 1998

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, and you could get much response and satisfaction (if you are troll) by

I think I had been troll by sending my mail to the Answer Guy.

(!)I didn't think you were trolling me.

(?)None of this is relevant to Linux. Most Linux users are sophisticated enough to simply ignore these threads (clearly I fail that test, myself).

I apologize. I had found the Linux Gazette lately and read many of the issues in the last days. I was impressed by your column and I am now enlighted, that I've contacted you in the wrong context. I hope I will think more about what to send to whom in the future.

(!)No apology is necessary. You stated an opinion, I disagreed with it. The discussion is mildly offtopic. I pointed that out.

(?)Some have referred to "Good Times" hoaxes as "mental viruses" --- more power to them. By their token *you* have been infected since you have revived (brought back to life) the discussion.

Yeah, I should be more careful on the decision where I put my focus on.

Hope I stole not too much of your time.

(!)No problem. I'm the one that volunteers for this gig.

(?)Yours, Peter Wiersig

(If any of the above don't make much sense, maybe because english is not my first language.)

(!)Sometimes I'm not sure my English is up to snuff either.

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