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(?)Re Script

From Joe Wronkowski on 23 Oct 1998

Hi Jim,
I was just wondering if there was an easy way to grab the time/date Oct 6 21:57:33 from the same line the 153.37.55.** was taken from. If you are busy I understand.

Joe Wronkowski

(!)The following awk expression will isolate the date and time from these example lines:
date="$1 $2"

(?)sample of log file:

Oct  6 21:50:19 rogueserver in.telnetd[197]: connect from
Oct  6 21:50:24 rogueserver telnetd[197]: ttloop:  peer died: Success 
Oct  6 21:55:29 rogueserver in.telnetd[211]: connect from
Oct  6 21:55:35 rogueserver telnetd[211]: ttloop:  peer died: Success 
Oct  6 21:57:33 rogueserver in.pop3d[215]: connect from
Oct  6 21:57:34 rogueserver in.pop3d[215]: Servicing request for rogue

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