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(?)More on International Keyboard Mappings and Monochrome X

From Axel Harvey on 08 Sep 1998

Further to my verbose text of last night. I realized after spouting away that accent and symbol keys will not elicit any response from the shell command line (except a rude beep) but they do work perfectly well in text-receiving functions like pico and pine. I, poor sap, had been modifying and reloading my test keymap, then seeing if the keys worked from the command line...!??!

I should have mentioned that the RedHat distribution has a French keyboard which works, but I don't find the layout very useful. I shall send them my own version of a French keyboard as soon as I have refined it sufficiently.


(?)I still don't understand my problem with X installation.

(!)Have you tried the suggestions I already gave?

(?)Are you plagued by questions from stupid guys who could solve their own mysteries with one more hour of futzing?

(!)That's not stupidity. Hours of "futzing" is experience. I personally feel that the hours of "futzing" that I've done should benefit others besides myself.
However, I am plagued by questions that are more readily answered in HOWTO's and even some questions that I can only categorize as stupid (like phreak/cracker wannabe's and jobhunting AS/400 specialists).

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