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From Christopher & Eunjoo Kern on 21 Oct 1998

Mr. James Dennis:

I had been given your name as a reference from a coworker of mine. He has told me that you often answer the most difficult of questions regarding Windows 95 and Linux software. Are you indeed the fellow my friend speaks of, and could you possibly answer a question or two of mine?


(!)I actually answer Linux questions. I get alot of Win '95 questions, which I grudgingly answer to some small part of my extremely limited ability.
Although I bump into Win '95 occasionally at my customer's sites and with some friends, I probably have clocked in less than 10 hours of "driving time" on it and NT and Win '98 all told.
I answer Linux questions for free for the Linux Gazette. You can see many of those by pointing your web browser at: http://www.linuxgazette.net (they also have a nifty search feature).
Linuz Gazette is part of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP: http://www.sunsite.unc.edu). That's the best resource for basic Linux information.
So, what are your questions?

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Published in Linux Gazette Issue 34 November 1998

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