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(?) What's wrong with internal modems?

From Darrell Spice, Jr. on Sat, 06 Mar 1999

I was reading your response about the "winmodems" and wonder what's wrong with an internal modem? Not all internal modems are "winmodems", the USR 56K modem I use works fine with better operating systems everywhere :-)

(!) Of course I realize that "internal modem" != "winmodem" --- that winmodems are a subset of internal modems.
My opinion on internal modems was gelled long before Windows was written. I think they are a bad idea. It's a matter of personal prejudice, borne of long years of experience. It is an opinion shared by most BBS sysops ISP sysadmins and other "industrial grade" computer users.
One reason I avoid them is that I've seen internal modems meltdown and take out a motherboard with it. I've seen that twice. I've never heard of an external modem damaging a system through a serial line.
However, it works for you --- so, by all means, use it. (They can be a bit cheaper, and many will only expect about two years use out of any modem they get so it might make sense for some users on financial rather than technical grounds).

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