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(?) Modem Multi-link PPP: EQL

From Spears, Michael T. on Tue, 09 Mar 1999

Are you familiar with setting up a Multilink PPP connection using two dial-up modems (v.90) and Linux as the client? Is so, can you point me in the direction of the documentation for setting this up?

Thank you, Mike Spears

(!) Use the search feature at http://www.linuxgazette.net and search on the term: EQL I know I discussed it a bit in issue #36.
You can also get broader results doing Google (http://www.google.com), Yahoo! and other search using the phrase: "linux eql" or "+linux +eql"
The Linuxcare search engine (http://www.linuxcare.com) comes up with the README.eql file on this keyword. It also comes up with a number of interesting links on the phrase: "multilink ppp"
See if those help. The README.eql file is included in your Linux kernel sources.

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