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(?) Y2K Cause Arithmetic Failures?

From Clayton Knight on Mon, 29 Mar 1999


I have noticed that your approach to solving the Y2K problem is to just not let the year advance past 1998.

Your past columns list has Answer Guy #25 as February 1998, shouldn't that be 1999??


(!) I have nothing to do with the numbering or dating of my column. I answer these questions via e-mail and copy my wife and my editor. My wife collects them near the end of the month and runs them through a custom e-mail to HTML filter that she's cooked up in PERL. Then then packs that up and FTPs it to a site where the Linux Gazette editorial staff can grab it and link it into their issue.
However, I think your arithmetic may be in error.
I'm working on LG issues #39. This is for April of 1999. 39 - 14 = 25 which would be February of 1998. Since LG comes out monthly and February of 1998 was, indeed about 14 months ago I think everything is kosher.
The confusion might be caused by the simple fact that ALL of the back issues of LG are still available on the web. Many of them are available from many mirrors and they are translated by volunteers world-wide into various languages.
However, I've just posted link that is more relevant to Y2K and Linux. Take a look at that in this month's LG.

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