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(?) Linux and Y2K

From Jack on Mon, 29 Mar 1999

Hi -

I am trying to sell Linux to management and their concern is Y2K - what can I say and where can I go to find out more about Linux readiness for Y2K ?

Thanks for your help Jacques Surveyer

(!) First note that the core Linux and other Unix utilities and kernels all use a representation of time that does't overflow (on 32-bit systems) for about another 40 years.
In other words Unix and Linux on 32-bit system shouldn't have any Y2K issues.
Also note that some user space applications might have their own problems --- depends entirely on the programmers but that the wide availability of source code for the major of Linux (and other UNIX) applications and utilities as already resulted in widespread auditing.
Since Linux is not centrally managed or controlled you can't point to a single entity that has done a comprehensive Y2K audit of "Linux" and/or the GNU system. So, you'll have to check your key applications yourself.
The best link I know of relating to this question is:
Linux and Year 2000
... which discuss the issue and gives links to Linux vendor statements.

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