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From gme947 on Fri, 12 Mar 1999

I recently bought a 56K V.90 modem. I am currently using the old Windows 3.1 and the information sheet included with the modem tells me to set the jumpers. I did all of this for Com2 IRQ3. Where do I put the Modem inf files so that my computer will recognize my new modem. I was able to use the dialup in DOS but not in Windows. I could not get Netscape to recogize the new modem. What should I do? The Modem is a NewCom


(!) The problem is that you're running MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 and asking the Linux Gazette Answer Guy questions about it.
One problem with that is that you bought a modem from a manufacturer and retailer that apparently won't provide you with any technical support (otherwise it seems unlikely that you'd be asking me this question).
A related problem is that you're using an OS and set of software packages which is also unsupported by its manufacturer. (Remember that next time someone says "Linux is unsupported" --- clearly MS-DOS and Windows are even more so).
Yet another problem is that you are suffering from some misconception about how Netscape's Navigator works. A web browser doesn't interact with your modem at all. It communicates with a TCP/IP networking protocol suite or "stack" as they are commonly called.
In all likelihood any modem using programs on your system can already recognize your modem. There is some set of options you might have to pu in your SYSTEM.INI file so that Win 3.x programs can determine the COM port and IRQ that you've installed this modem at. I don't remember the specifics (as it's been years since I used or supported Windows 3.x). So you'll have to play with "Control Panel" and "Setup" until you bumble across the widgets that set these --- or read some manuals to find examples that you can put in with a text editor.

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