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(?) Essay Quiz

From Nilda on Wed, 10 Mar 1999

  1. What are the differences between Linux and Windows in terms how they work?
  2. What types of products are currently available to use with Linux vs.Windows?
  3. Who is currently using Linux?
  4. Form a conclusion as to whether Microsoft has reason to worry about Linux taking over as the main operating system.

(!) Nilda,
Thanks for the refreshing essay assignment, but I have work to do. I don't remember signing up for a class in comparative OS religions and I don't have the time for this sort of childish prattle.
If you are really interested in answers to these questions please feel free to search through some web sites --- particularly through the archives of the main "Linux media watchers" web sites:
Linux Weekly News
Linux Today
... these have links to hundreds of recent press clippings from sources as diverse as small local newspapers and magazines like Scientific American. Those are a more suitable source of this sort of information.
When corresponding with people in the Linux community it's unwise to "come off with a 'tude" --- like doling out an writing assignment or as though we "owe you" something. Most of us are volunteers. Those who ask me for free support at least owe me some courtesy --- and doing some preliminary research and/or explaining your specific needs and background is the least of that.
Your questions are very broad --- there are rows of books devoted to the workings of Linux, and several ("Unix for the MS-DOS User" et al) that specifically compare Unix (and therefore Linux) to other operating systems. As for the marketing hype and drivel that you seem to be inviting --- the web sites I've listed above should provide links to plenty of that.
I hope those help answer your questions. Please also feel free to read a few back issues of my column to get an idea of its true purpose.

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Published in The Linux Gazette Issue 39 April 1999

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