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(?) What part of "Win Modem" Didn't you Understand?

From Willy B Mac on Sun, 04 Jul 1999

Hi, hope you can help me. I've looked through your site and couldn't find the answer, even though it might be there. I have doslinux installed and it works great. The problem is that it won't detect my modem - a Lucent Win Modem. Another problem I am having is When I get a file for linux, like the pcmicia ( prob not exactly what it is, but you get the idea) I can't find it when I get Unix fired up. I put it in the doslinux folder, but can't find it then. Thanks for any help you might be able to give me :)
By the way, Great site you have there :)

(!) Linux doesn't support winmodems (or, more precisely the winmodem manufacturers and their chipset vendors refuse to support Linux). If you search the site a bit you'll find that I've answered this question several times every other month.
If you are dropping files into your DOSLinux folder from Win '95 they are probably appearing in your root directory when you start Linux (through the LINUX.BAT). In any event that's not the best way to accomplish the file transfer. You'd be much better to put the files into your own C:\TMP or into some sort of C:\DOWNLOAD or D:\DLOADS (folders you'd create for the task).
DOSLinux puts a root filesystem into a DOS subdirectory and provides access to your MS-DOS directories and filesystems.
As the name implies the use of DOSLinux does require some understanding of how MS-DOS and Linux work. If you don't understand MS-DOS at all (you've only used the Windows GUIs on top of it) then you'll have a difficult time of it.
DOSLinux is a good hack for experienced users but a bad choice for newbies. I'd suggest adding a whole hard disk and installing a full-sized, general purpose Linux distribution (like Red Hat, S.u.S.E., Caldera etc.) on that.
As for the modem: Throw it away. Get a real modem. (External modems are a much better idea. They are more reliable, easier to use for troubleshooting and will work with almost any computer --- PC and non-PC alike).

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