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(?) DESQview/386 Die Hards into the Next Millennia

From Mike Green on Mon, 19 Jul 1999

(?) Hi Dennis,

[ His name's Jim... Dennis is his last name. -- Heather ]

Just wondering if you know where I could find some information on DESKView 386's Y2K compatibility?


(!) Not a clue. I haven't used DESQview in about five years. I've been primarily using Linux for about the last seven.
I presume that Quarterdeck's aquisition by Symantec has spelled complete obscurity and orphanage to DV. They probably didn't even have the decency to release the sources to a "free world."
You might be far better off with a combination of Linux and its DOSEMU or VMWare. It's a pity that you'd lose DESQview's UI (I'd really like to see a Linux console manager that would match the features and feel of the DESQview popup menu system --- but add configurability like DV/X). However you gain support for modern hardware (including CD's, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD and DVD-RAM) and procotols (running DV under a TCP/IP stack used to be like waltzing with a bear in a china shop!). You also lose all problems with memory management (forget about conventional vs. EMS and "largest program size").
All that and you get the sources, too. (A feature that would be even more exciting if I were a real programmer, and not just the occasional hack).

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