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(?) CDR Media: Silver and Gold and Blue, Oh my!

From HThorne328 on Sun, 11 Jul 1999

Can you please help me. What is the difference between silver, gold, blue, etc., on the CDR disks? Also what does matte mean? Thank you. I'm very confused.

(!) I'm pretty sure that matte refers to the finish (texture) on the back of the CDR media (the "label" side or "non-recording" surface). A matte finish is probably better for writing on (using using permanent marker). Whether writing on your CDR media is advisable (as opposed to cutting labels to cover the back surface) is a matter that's best answered by the maker of the particular brand of media you're buying.
It just so happens that I found a great FAQ (*) on the topic of CDRs by Andy McFadden the other day (while answering other mail, naturally).
(Elsewhere he makes frequent mention of the back surface of the CD discs and how some of them have the recording foil exposed while others have an additional layer of plastic --- which I guess at least one brand refers to as "Infoguard." I've seen some CDRs like this, with a delicate foil on the back which could be easily scratched --- thus ruining the data that was stored on its other side. I don't consider them to be suitable for any purpose. Luckily they don't seem to be common anymore. Even the cheap bulk CDR media have the recording foil fully encased).

(?) Kudos

From HThorne328 on Mon, 12 Jul 1999

Wow, that was all I was hoping for and more. Great job!!!! Thank you

(!) Glad I could help.

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