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(?) Minicom Calling a Procomm Host

From WELLSCARGO on Mon, 12 Jul 1999


I am new to linux but very familiar with dos and windows. I use procomm quite a bit for BBS conections. I am running a procomm host at work (ansi) that displays extended ascii characters on the front page (972-641-8069). When I log on with procomm everything looks ok but when I log on with minicom the characters are messed up. I have everything set correctly as far as I can tell. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Don Wells

(!) Are you sure you've set minicom to be an ANSI terminal? It defaults to VT102. Try [Ctrl]+[A], [T], [A] to toggle the emulation mode.
If the problem is stemming from the HASCII (high ASCII) line characters, first make sure you've set the line to be eight bit clean with a command like: stty cs8 < /dev/modem (note: you really redirect the INPUT of the stty command from your serial device --- it has to do with how it does its ioctl() calls).
After that I'd wonder on how you'd set your console character set. Are you doing this from a console or from an xterm? I'd try it from the console ([Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Fx] to switch out of a X Windows system to a virtual console, or VC as we call them in Linux. Once your at any VC you can just use the [Alt]+[Fx] function key combos to move among your VCs, and usually [Alt]+[F7] will get you back to the VC on which your first X Windows session is running).
I'd also suggest taking a look at CKermit. It's license doesn't allow the major Linux distributors to include it on their CDs, but it is a pretty good package for accessing modems under Linux. Note that CKermit doesn't provide terminal emulation under UNIX --- it (rightly) assumes that you ALREADY HAVE a terminal emulator through which you are talking to the system. So CKermit just passes data from the modem to your existing terminal (be it your console, telnet, xterm or whatever).

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