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(?) Spellcheck Award!

From Jeff Jourard on Thu, 01 Jul 1999

(?) Forgive me for being an inveterate speller and maybe even a bit of a Felix Ungar (the fussy Odd Couple guy), but when you wrote, "hoard of cheap servers" isn't it "horde" of cheap servers? Isn't "hoard" when you stash away a supply of things in case there is a shortage? As in toilet paper or coffee?

Sorry, can't help it,


(!) You are absolutely correct. I meant "horde" not "hoard."
I don't get much editing between my responses to questions (often stream of consciousness under sleep deprivation circumstances) and the final HTML cut that y'all see.
Over the years I've noticed that a large number of my typos result in properly spelled words which are homonyms of the intended term. I suspect that I have a couple of layers of mental processing that work on different levels as I type. When I see typos I fix them into some properly spelled word --- which sometimes is not the word I intended. Thus my mistakes of this sort are due to carelessness rather than ignorance. (Not that I'm not ignorant --- just that this particular error isn't a result of that).
Of course I do know sysadmins to keep a hoard of computers (hidden in a storage closet or stashed in a corner of the server room) which they use to service and replenish their horde of production systems. But that's not what I'd meant in the article you were reading.

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