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From Erfan on Tue, 19 Jan 1999


Can you help me with my problem?

I have just started with RedHat 5.2 and it's the first time for me to work on any Linux systems. Everything seems to goo quite godd for the moment but I have one problem.

I have made 3 parts off my harddrive, one for dos, one for Linux and one for Linux swap. I have some files in my dos drive that I would like to acces under Linux, but how do I do that???

(!) Login as ' root 'and issue a command like:
mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/dos_c
... where /dev/hda1 is the first partition on your first IDE hard drive (replace that with the actual Linux device name for your MS-DOS partition). /mnt/doc_c is an arbitrary directory. Just make one under any convenient name. I actually use just /mnt/c for that.
-t (type) msdos is only one option. There are versions of this that support long filenames. However, your kernel might not be configured to support that and I don't have the time to go into all those details, here.
For more details browse the UMSDOS HOWTO at

(?) I have tried to start xdos, but a window comes and right away it desepears again!

(!) xdos is an interface to DOSEMU --- a system for running DOS under Linux (technically it is not a DOS "emulator" since it runs a real copy of DOS --- but it is more of a system/BIOS emulator).
dosemu requires some configuration. (You have to essentially install a copy of DOS (MS-DOS or DR-DOS or FreeDOS or whatever) into an "hdimage" file --- which is a small, emulated boot disk. Read the DOSEMU HOWTO (http://metalab.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/DOSEMU-HOWTO.html) for more on that.

(?) My x-window works fine and i'm using WindowMaker "the version that comes along wwith RedHat 5.2-cd" The computer is P2 233 32Mb 3200Mb "about 1000 Mb for Linux, about 50 Mb for swap and the rest for dos".

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Sometimes I also pull messages from newsgroups or mailing lists where I'm answering them anyway. I participate in those when I can (more of an addicition than a hobby really).

(?) Thanks for everthing Erfan from Sweden

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