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 March 1999 Linux Journal

The March issue of Linux Journal will be hitting the newsstands February 11. This issue focuses on Internationalization and Emerging Markets with articles on multilinual Emacs, printing messages in different languages, autonomous automobiles in Italy and mediated reality. This last is the second part of Dr. Steve Mann's series on wearable computers. Linux Journal now has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue59/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/ljsubsorder.html.

 Australian Linux Community Offering

Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 01:00:31 -0800
OzSearch extends its offer to the Australian Linux community to LG Australian readers as well:

OzSearch Internet Guide, an all-Australian web directory, recently released its new web site. The site is intended to offer a starting point for any complete search for Australian web sites. In addition to successfully running Linux Red Hat 5.2 (where 100+ days of uptime are common), the site is powered by Apache v1.3.3 with ModPerl and MySQL. Stress tests have indicated that this configuration scales exceptionally well.

To give back to the Linux community, OzSearch is currently seeking to help sponsor an Australian-based Linux users group. Please provide your group's information to Kris Duggan (kduggan@ozsearch.com.au).

OzSearch can be found at http://www.ozsearch.com.au

For more information:
Kris Duggan, President of OzSearch Internet Guide, kduggan@ozsearch.com.au

 The Bazaar

Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 09:55:07 -0400
A major free and open source software event is a convention entitled the Bazaar. It will have over 5,000 attendees and 100 vendors. The speaker list includes major free software developers and advocates like Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, and Alan Cox. The Bazaar is the first convention of its kind to ever be held in New York city and we are very excited for the Bazaar's maiden voyage. It will be opening on March 13th and continuing through the 15th at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

For more information:
Eddie Park, Assistant Director eddie@inlimine.org,

 Update on USENIX events (40562)

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 09:25:58 -0800 (PST)
Full tutorial and technical session programs, and online registration, are now available at http://www.usenix.org/events/ for the following:

NORDU99 - 1st Nordic Europen/USENIX Conference, February 9-12, 1999, Stockholm, Sweden

OSDI: 3rd Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, February 22-25, 1999, New Orleans, Louisiana

1st Conference on Network Administration, April 7-10, 1999, Santa Clara, California

----Co-located and sharing two days of tutorials with:

1st Workshop on Intrusion Detection and Network Monitoring, April 9-12, 1999, Santa Clara, California

COOTS: 5th Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems, May 3-7, 1999, San Diego, California

Workshop on Embedded SyStems, March 29-31, 1999, Cambridge, Massachusetts

LISA '99--13th Systems Administration Conference, November 7-12, 1999, Seattle, Washington

Tcl/Tk: 7th USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference, February 14-18, 2000, Austin, Texas

For more information:

 UNIX Internet Service Administrator Wanted

Job at Cincinnati Bell, Cincinnati, Ohio. Administration of Linux servers and development.

Position Profile:

Business Impact:

This position will work closely with the Internet Services team to provide support for the growing number of IP applications within the Internet Access product. Will have a direct impact on the customer's perception of the quality of the Internet Access product as well as the quality of any IP services within the Internet Access product.

Process and Technical Knowledge:

For more information: Kendra Childress, kchildress@cinbell.com

 Linux Links

StarOffice 5.0 Personal Edfition Report: http://macarlo.com/
World's Smallest Computer Runs Linux: http://wearables.stanford.edu/

Software Announcements

 UNIX CD Bookshelf Released

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:32:04 -0800 (PST)
The recently released "UNIX CD Bookshelf" contains six O'Reilly books plus the software from "UNIX Power Tools" -- all on a convenient CD-ROM. A bonus hard copy book of the bestselling "UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition", is also included. The six included books, purchased separately, would retail for $175.70, but "The Unix CD Bookshelf" package retails for only $69.95.

The CD-ROM contains the complete text of:

Formatted in HTML, "The UNIX CD Bookshelf" can be read by any Web browser. The books are fully searchable and cross-referenced. In addition to individual indexes for each book, a master index for the entire library is provided.

A free sample chapter, Chapter 2: UNIX Commands from "Unix in a Nutshell", is available at: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/unixcd/chapter/index.html

For more information: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/unixcd/

 ISS Ships Industry's First, Integrated Network and Host-Based Intrusion Detection Solution

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 17:18:51 -0700
ISS Ships Industry's First, Integrated Network and Host-Based Intrusion Detection Solution

ATLANTA, Ga. - January 7, 1999 - Internet Security Systems (Nasdaq: ISSX), the leading provider of adaptive network security solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of RealSecure 3.0, a solution that combines both network- and system-based intrusion detection and response capabilities to form a single enterprise threat management system. By adding host-based intrusion detection capabilities to RealSecure, customers can have the best of both worlds: fast detection of attacks at the network level stopping security breaches before damage is done, as well as identifying unauthorized access attempts at the system level.

For more information:
Nicki Kopelson, nickik@connectpr.com

 Corel Computer Launches the NetWinder Group Server

Ottawa, Canada=97January 13, 1999, Corel Computer, a division of Corel Corporation, today announced the availability of the NetWinder Group Server, the latest addition to their family of NetWinder thin servers.

The NetWinder Group Server offers departmental workgroups and small businesses a wide range of Internet/intranet services in an easy-to-use, affordable package. Based on the StrongARM=AE RISC microprocessor and the Linux operating system, the NetWinder product family delivers powerful, cost-effective desktop and server solutions.

The NetWinder Group Server with 32 MB RAM carries a suggested retail price of US $979 for the diskless version, US $1,339 with 2 GB hard drive, US $1,629 with 4 GB hard drive and US $1,839 with 6 GB hard drive. Prices subject to change without notice. Dealers may sell for less.

The NetWinder Group Server provides a full suite of Internet/intranet services, including:

For more information:

 PHT Releases TurboLinux 3.0.1

OAKLAND, Calif - January 18, 1999 - TurboLinux v3.0.1, the first version of the popular Linux distribution to be sold as a boxed set, is available today. TL 3.0.1 will offer a comprehensive installation guide and manual, is priced at $49.95 and can be ordered at http://www.turbolinux.com/orders/.

TurboLinux, the most popular distribution in Japan, if not Asia, has begun a large transition into the U.S. Market. Pacific HiTech (PHT) has been a major part of the Linux community for years, previously acting as the distributor for RedHat and still as the Japanese distributor for all major Linux distributions. PHT recently opened it's new US offices in Oakland, CA and is working on more focused Linux products, beginning with TurboLinux Server, slated for release in the first half of '99, followed by other releases, including TurboLinux 4.0 in early summer '99.

For more information:
Justin Ryan, CEO, Senior WebMaster - PCHelp, http://computers.iwz.com/, webmaster@computers.iwz.com


LAS VEGAS, NV-Informix Partner Forum-January 19, 1999-Informix Corporation (NASDAQ: IFMX), the technology leader in enterprise database-powered solutions and award winning Linux vendor, today announced the overwhelming success of its holiday Linux promotion and ongoing Linux program. International distribution of Informix products on Linux has exceeded expectations with more than 175,000 copies of Informix databases on Linux distributed over the last six months. In response to this overwhelming demand, Informix has increased the global availability of its market-leading Linux portfolio through two strategic alliances with leading Linux distributors Red Hat Software and SuSE. These distribution channel alliances give the company even greater penetration into the rapidly growing worldwide Linux community and make access to Informix products even easier for Linux enthusiasts and business users. These alliances make Informix's Linux products available for download from both vendors' Web sites and demonstrate Informix's unmatched commitment to the Linux platform.

A free development copy of Informix's database is bundled with SuSE's new 6.0 release of Linux. Available in Germany today, SuSE 6.0 will be stocked on U.S. retail shelves for a price of $49.95 by the end of January. The product bundle is currently available from the SuSE FTP site. Informix users will need to register the product online with Informix (http://www.informix.com/register4suse), to receive the free development license.

Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition Suite is available for download from the Red Hat Web site (http://www.redhat.com). Informix users will need to register the product online at the Red Hat web site, to receive the free 30-day license.

For more information: http://www.informix.com/


Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 17:07:39 -0600
SUNNYVALE, CAFastlane Software Systems, Inc. announces the release of its Xni network analysis, security and accounting package on the Linux platform. Xni is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, software-only solution that monitors every conversation between hosts in real time, producing a concise graphical view of network usage and traffic flow without the heavy resource drain and limitations of SNMP/ARMON tools or the dedicated hardware typically required of network analyzers.

Compact data format permits 7-day, 24-hour reporting.

For administrators concerned with tracking DNS performance, Xni uses DNS/Yellow Pages to closely monitor DNS/BIND entries for all hosts it sees and reports all devices that have no DNS entry or result in a timeout.

Xni can identify the activity of all network hosts in real time or over time. Applications can be tracked either individually or in groups. The system can be configured to monitor traffic and respond to alarms in intervals as small as one second. Findings are presented as an easy-to-read combination of graphs, charts and lists.

On-the fly HTML reporting permits access with a standard browser Xni features on-the-fly HTML reporting that allows administrators to create reports on network traffic usage and view them from any machine using a standard browser.

For more information: Fastlane Software Systems, http://www.xni.com/

 Applix Announces Applixware for Linux On the Power PC Platform and Bundling Deal With LinuxPPC Inc.

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:30:26 -0500
WESTBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 19, 1999--Applix Inc., a leader in front office business solutions, today announced support for a new platform for its market leading suite of decision support applications. Applixware, Applix's integrated office suite, will run on Apple's Power PC based computers running the Linux operating system. In addition, Applix will be selling the product with a bundled version of LinuxPPC's Linux operating system.

Applixware is a graphical suite running natively under Linux and includes Applix Words, Applix Graphics, Applix Presents, Applix Spreadsheets, Applix Mail, Applix Data, Applix HTML Author and Applix Builder, a visual, object oriented, rapid application development tool that provides full programmability and customization for the suite.

LinuxPPC Inc., headquartered in Madison, WI, distributes the leading Linux distribution for the PowerPC platform. LinuxPPC has been working closely with Applix to raise awareness of the suite's availability on the platform, and has recently announced that the operating system will run on Apple's successful iMac product.

For more information:
Applix, Inc., http://www.applix.com/

 Bascom Announces OpenLinux-based K-12 Application Bundle for Third-largest OEM (ICS)

Orem, UT, January 18, 1998, BASCOM today announced the availability of its Internet Communications Server (ICS), an educational software/hardware solution developed for the OpenLinux OS from Caldera Systems Inc. Having successfully deployed ICS at key regional sites, BASCOM will now make it available to K-12 schools through the third largest hardware OEM and accompanying reseller channels. BASCOM's use of OpenLinux provides the education vertical market with its first Linux-specific application. While providing a secure and easily transportable platform for future alliances, BASCOM's decision to use OpenLinux was based on the unique needs of the education community: needs that fell directly under Caldera Systems' focus on Linux-based business solutions: stable, proven, tested and supported.

For more information:
BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., http://www.bascom.com/, info@bascom.com
Caldera Systems Inc., http://www.calderasystems.com , linux@calderasystems.com

 Servertec today announced the availability of a new release of iServer, a small, fast, scalable and easy to administer platform independent Web/Application Server written entirely in Java Date: Sat, 30 Jan 99 175420+0500

Kearny, NJ. - January 26, 1999 - Servertec today announced the availability of a new release of iServer, a small, fast, scalable and easy to administer platform independent Web/Application Server written entirely in JavaTM.

iServer is the perfect Web Server for serving static Web pages and a powerful Application Server for generating dynamic, data driving Web pages using Java Servlets, iScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Server Side Includes (SSI).

iServer provides a rich environment for building and deploying cross platform Web-based business critical Internet and Extranet applications. iServer is also a robust, scalable platform that individuals, work groups and corporations can use to establish a Web presence.

iServer preview release is available for free at http://www.servertec.com/ (connect-time charges may apply).

For more information:
Servertec, http://www.servertec.com/
Manuel J. Goyenechea, goya@servertec.com

Published in Linux Gazette Issue 37, February 1999

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