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From pat on Sun, 17 Jan 1999

[ Hmm. Jim scribbled a note here advising me to make sure to link the :Linux Tips and Tricks" site. I wonder where that could be? So, I guess I can't say there's any "one true", definitive Tips and Tricks site. I wonder what he meant?? -- Heather ]

(?) Thanks for the tip

And even more as i'm reading each month your column in LG and you're great. I've learned many things with you.

I've also changed the url of ipchains as you pointed out.

(!) That's good. Stale links are a bear.
One thing you could do is point to the Linux-TIPS HOWTO (or mirror it at your site --- and link to your own mirror), and provide a set of links to to the Linux Gazette "2 Cent Tips" columns (and to mine if you like). Since LG is under the LDP license you can mirror the whole set if you like.
[ OK, I guess he meant the specific HOWTO, http://www.linuxhq.com/HOWTO/Tips-HOWTO.html -- Heather ]
This will help bootstrap your site and help users get alot more tips.
It would be really cool if you or some volunteers went through the existing TIPS HOWTO and 2 Cent Tips and Answer Guy back issues and indexed (and or quoted) them into your organizational hierarchy. Granted, it's rather boring scutwork (read, cut, paste, wrap in HTML) rather than creative research and composition --- but your readership will get a huge bang for their buck.
The problem with my writing (vis a vis the Answer Guy) is that it follows no organization and is not sanely indexed (not counting the search engines). So I've written five or six hundred pages of useful stuff that is inaccessible to many of the key people that need it --- since they can't wade through all of the back issues to find it.
My wife has toyed with the idea of doing a "best of" cut and setting up a set of web pages devoted to it. If I was making enough money (or got some funding) I'd pay someone to do it.
Hmmm. I should provide a courtesy link from my column to your site. I'm copying this to my lgaz and star (editor) addresses to remind me.
[ Aha! Together with the referer below, I deduce (and my browser confirms) that he means
LTT: Linux Tips and Tricks
If you want to submit a tip to Pat, use the link below. My tip for Pat ... add yourself to the Linux related search engines so people can find you. This column ought to help ;). -- Heather ]

(?) Thanks Patrick

On 06-Jan-99, took time to write :

Le Wed Jan 6 04:50:50 1999 depuis la machine la fiche suivante a ete transmise :

Referer = http://www.patoche.org/LTT/submit.html?from=33

subject : rpm -Vp Verifies .rpm file vs. Installation sections : Security

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