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(?) More on: Automated PostScript (ps) to GIF Conversion

From Steven Hancock on Fri, 08 Jan 1999

Hi, here's another solution to the problem of converting postscript files to gif. Get the ImageMagick package, if it isn't already installed, and use its mogrify command, like this:

mogrify -format gif somefile.ps

and this will create somefile.gif. The man pages on mogrify and convert for more information.

(!) I figured there was something like this out there.
Here's a few of other commends that are part of my copy of ImageMagick:
(I cut this list from a much longer list that's generated with the command 'rpm -ql imagemag' on one of my S.u.S.E. boxes. A similar command would work on any RPM based distribution).
One utility of special note is:
... which is actually a command-line FTP client for getting and putting files from/to FTP servers.
(There are several other FTP client utilities that can be operated non-interactive by command line invocation --- so it seems like a duplication of effort to have ImageMagick include one. Presumably the author couldn't find one of those at the time that he needed this).
These are the sorts of things I like to see in the Tips HOWTO and the "2-cent Tips" columns in LG.
Also I'd love for someone to put together an overview of Linux graphics software with some ideas about how to use xfig, tgif, ImageMagick, xv, the GIMP etc. Not something as sophisticated as the Graphics Muse --- but simpler things for those of use that just need to whip up some web page icons or draw diagrams and charts for the occasional project at work.
Obviously I'm ill-suited to this task since I'm an avowed text mode bigot.

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