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(?) Printing to old "Pin Printer"

From Philippe on Mon, 26 Jul 1999

Hello Answerguy!

I have been unable to print with Applixware 3.5. I am using RH6.0 and my printer is an (old) NEC pinwriter. I use the Epson LQ850 driver with Windows. Of course, it is not a Postscript printer. I checked all the How-To but I am still clueless. Could you please help?

Thanks in advance. Philippe.

(!) Install Ghostscript. This will implement PostScript on your system, and it's drivers will convert that to pin rasters that most printers can handle.
Once you have Postscript emulation working, you can feed your Applixware output to it through the normal lpr/lpd (BSDish) print filtering facilities (as listed in your /etc/printcap file).

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