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 October 1999 Linux Journal

The October issue of Linux Journal will be hitting the newsstands in mid-September. This issue focuses on embedded systems.

Linux Journal now has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue66/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/subscribe/ljsubsorder.html.

For Subcribers Only: Linux Journal archives are now available on-line at http://interactive.linuxjournal.com/

 TuxFinder.com Launched

TuxFinder.com is a Linux-dedicated group of search engines designed to help you find anything you need as a Linux user. Whatever you are looking for: packages, RFCs, FAQs, or HOWTOs, TuxFinder.com can help you. TuxFinder.com is also a mirror for the Linux Documentation Project. With both English- and French-language capability, it is growing in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic due to its simplicity, power and efficiency.

Co-founder Olivier Macchioni said about TuxFinder.com: "As a Linux user,I wanted something like this, and wondered how easy it was to program. Well, it's easy and fun - and hopefully useful for some other Linux users too."

 [Debian logo] Debian chooses new logo

The Debian project has chosen "The Swirl" as its new distribution logo.
Actually, a pair of logos was chosen. This is the "open use" logo, which anybody can use to refer to Debian with. The "official" logo is only for Debian-endorsed products. It shows the swirl rising up like smoke out of a genie's bottle. See www.debian.org/logos/ for more samples of both logos.

 Corel preview Corel LINUX

San Jose, California August 10, 1999 -- Today at LinuxWorld in San Jose, Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) unveils its distribution of the Linux operating system, Corel LINUX, to the public for the first time.

Corel LINUX is based on the Debian/GNU distribution of the Linux OS and includes the K Desktop Environment (KDE). In its distribution, Corel has enhanced the graphical user interface and created a new installation program that greatly simplifies the installation process. A beta version of Corel LINUX will be available in September 1999, and the first release is planned for the end of the year.

Corel LINUX will be available as a stand-alone product and will also be bundled with the upcoming WordPerfect® Office for LINUX suite, which is expected to be available in early 2000. The prices for both the stand-alone version and the suite will be announced at a later date.

 MandrakeSoft announces North American Support

Dallas, TX August 17th, 1999. MandrakeSoft SA, publisher of the popular Linux-Mandrake, announced today the selection of Bynari Systems Group to provide Mandrake's customers in North America with complete support services.

 Upcoming events

Atlanta Linux Showcase
October 12-16, 1999
Atlanta, GA

Linux Business Expo

November 15-19, 1999
Las Vegas, NV


A more complete list of events is at www.linuxjournal.com/events/index.html

 Operating System Supertest

The massive Operating System Supertest, held by reviews 'r' us has begun work today, and Linux still looks set to be the star of the show. Still, the Supertest as a whole should a good read, and with a bit of luck draw more people away from the windows domination. This supertest has over 30 Articles and interviews, and countless reviews of free, and commercial software. With over 40 volunteers offering their services, the date of publication has been reduced to the end of August.

We still need help with this supertest though, and if you feel you could help at all, in any way, please email Sandy Smith ( sandy@reviews-r-us.com )and offer your services. We need this to be the biggest, best ever definition of Operating Systems, and a comparison of many types, and articles that everyone from beginner to expert will find interesting.

Current roles needing filled: PR person, Artwork, reviewing of software.

Do you need more info? Background info? please please tell me if you do

 O'Reilly releases Perl CD Bookshelf

Sebastopol, CA--Arguably the best Perl books in print--"Programming Perl", "Learning Perl", "Perl in a Nutshell", "Perl Cookbook", "Learning Perl on Win32 Systems", and "Advanced Perl Programming"--are now available on a single CD ROM in the immensely convenient "Perl CD Bookshelf" by O'Reilly & Associates.

Together these 6 books would retail for $199.70, but the "Perl CD Bookshelf", which includes all 6 on a searchable CD-ROM as well as a hard copy of "Perl in a Nutshell", sells for only $59.95.

For more information about the book see: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/perlcdbs/

 Tru64 UNIX and LINUX Update

Tru64 UNIX & LINUX JumpStart
Las Vegas, NV September 8-10
Orlando, FL November 1-5

Due to popular demand, ISA has extended it's UNIX JumpStart to include LINUX, the fastest growing Operating System in the World.

The Digital UNIX JumpStarts have been a huge success. Students have raved about this unique training venue which has enabled them to get a quick and comprehensive immersion into UNIX technology in a time efficient manner. Check out our website for the new LINUX Track and the new and updated Tru64 UNIX courses.


 Ziatech introduces LinuxPCI Development System

Ziatech Corporation, the leading innovator of applied computing solutions for telecom and Internet applications, introduced today the first in a series of LinuxPCI development systems, a rack mount CompactPCI=AE development platform using the Linux(tm) operating system. Designed to speed the development of carrier-grade computing applications, the new LinuxPCI 1000 Development System for Applied Computing combines the reliable, open CompactPCI architecture with MontaVista Software's Hard Hat(tm) Linux software. Open CompactPCI platform for OEM fast-track development Original equipment manufacturers on the fast-track to develop Linux-based applications for DSL systems, PBX systems, IP telephony, voice processing, and other telecom and Internet equipment, now have an open architecture platform designed with the bandwidth, reliability and features those applications require. The LinuxPCI 1000 comes with the first version of Linux designed specifically for embedded applications. The Hard Hat Linux operating system from MontaVista Software, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA, www.mvista.com) combines the cost-effectiveness, openness and flexibility of Linux with the reliability and responsiveness required for embedded and applied computing applications. MontaVista will supplement the operating system's enhancements with comprehensive technical support, porting and customization services.

 Clustering for TurboLinux

TurboLinux is releasing the industry's first high-availability clustering software solution for the enterprise-TurboCluster Server. TurboCluster Server is the industry's FIRST Linux clustering application available and scalable for Web servers on Intel and Alpha architecture platforms. Unlike Beowulf clustering systems that are designed for highly specialized scientific computing applications, TurboCluster Server delivers clustering technology for Linux servers running mission-critical Web applications. For Net businesses, the availability of TurboCluster Server offers, for the first time, a low-cost alternative to proprietary and more expensive Microsoft NT and UNIX cluster solutions. Additional information on TurboCluster Server, including a white paper and FAQ, is available at www.community.turbolinux.com.

 Linux Webdrive available

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 8--StoragePoint.Com announced that it now offers a Linux version of WebDrive, providing secure file management features never before available to Linux users.

Linux WebDrive from StoragePoint becomes the only Web-based file manager offering automatic folder management, encryption, compression, with integrated e-mail, calendar, and contact manager. The free service is compatible with Netscape 4.5+ and Linux version 2.2.

For more information see storagepoint.com.

 GBdirect Delivers UK's Largest Ever Linux Training Programme?

Release Date: 11th August, 1999.

GBdirect and Planet Online, both leading players in the European market for Linux skills and services, today announced what is believed to be the UK's biggest ever Linux training programme. Over the next six weeks, 60 delegates from Planet Online will attend GBdirect's basic, intermediate and advanced courses in Linux Systems Administration. The students will be engineers and technical staff from Planet's Leeds headquarters, the home of Freeserve, and already the greatest concentration of Linux expertise in Europe.

The GBdirect's company web site is at www.gbdirect.co.uk and their Linux training site is at www.linuxtraining.co.uk. The Planet Online web site can be visited at www.theplanet.net.

 Linux Press book: The Best of Linux Distributions

PENNGROVE, CA (August 16, 1999) Linux Press today announced the second title in its new Linux Resource Series. Designed to provide comprehensive documentation for the latest Linux distributions and concepts, the Linux Resource Series enables users of all levels to access Linux information.

The Best of Linux Distributions is based on Matt Welshs cult classic Linux Installation & Getting Started. Revised, expanded, and updated, The Best of Linux Distributions includes a general introduction to Linux; detailed explanations of drive partitioning, filesystems, and software package installation; distribution-specific instructions for installing Debian GNU/Linux, Slackware, Caldera OpenLinux, and Red Hat Linux; a complete, low-stress Linux tutorial; system administration under Linux; X Window; and Networking.

Also included are 4 CD-ROMs containing the latest Linux operating system for Red Hat Linux, Caldera OpenLinux, Debian GNU/Linux, and Slackware.

 Linux System Solution Limited (LSSL) and INFOMATEC - IGEL Asia LTDP cooperate

Linux System Solution Limited (LSSL) and INFOMATEC - IGEL Asia LTD have today formally announced their co-operation in the Internet device, Thin Client and Networking arena.

IGEL Asia LTD will endeavour to promote, market and educate customers towards a complete Linux based Thin Client / Server solution based on TurboLinux's product ranges complementing IGEL's Firmware. LSSL will help promote, support, develop application solutions and, provide maintenance and support services in the use of Thin Clients for corporate, commercial and educational use.

LSSL and IGEL will co-operate in the localisation and development of Chinese applications and solutions via their respective engineering and research departments.

Linux System Solution Limited is a strategic partner of TurboLinux who are deemed as the major Linux player in the Asian Market. The Japanese version of TurboLinux has been outselling Microsoft Windows and this trend looks set to continue throughout the Asian Region.

 TurboLinux partnership with Enlighten Software

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (August 9, 1999) - TurboLinux and Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFTW), announced today a strategic partnership to bundle the first enterprise-ready workgroup systems management software for Linux with the full line of TurboLinux products.

TurboLinux will be bundling a full multi-platform working version of EnlightenDSM administration and event management software on its entire product line for immediate, single-point management of all TurboLinux machines. In addition, the bundled product is immediately ready for customers to monitor and manage their existing heterogeneous Linux, UNIX and Windows environments from the same single console.

 32BitsOnline.com to Develop UnixApps.com

Vancouver, BC - August 19, 1999 - Medullas Publishing Company, parent company of 32BitsOnline Magazine, and Linux Applications announced its new upcoming site, Unix Applications (www.UnixApps.com), today.

The new software download portal will merge Linux Applications and include applications from all Unices including FreeBSD and Herd operating systems. Moreover, Unix Applications will also feature applications from BeOS and other operating systems.

Unix Applications will feature a brand new interface and will be rolled out along with 0x20.com and linuxtalks.com this Fall.

 Network giants install Linux-based test bed

Chicago, IL (August 23, 1999) -Linux continues to receive solid backing from major players, with Cabletron Systems, Xylan and FORE Systems installing network test equipment based on the popular open-source software. Designed by benchmarking specialist Neal Nelson & Associates, the Network Stress Test is the first large-scale tool to use real clients and servers to send actual network traffic at very high bit rates. The speed and bandwidth capacity of the Linux platform, coupled with Nelson's unique testing methodology, enables manufacturers and potential buyers alike to evaluate new products using the most extreme, real-world network traffic patterns.

Unlocking the power of Linux "Linux is an excellent operating system for large clusters of computers," comments John Hynds, Director of Systems Engineering for Xylan. "It has very efficient LAN drivers, can generate high volumes of network traffic and comes with a full set of client and server application software. Also, there are no additional licensing charges when it is installed on a cluster with any number of individual machines. It is a very powerful and cost-effective option."

Real network traffic provides superior testing While other testing methods generate artificial packets of data from simulated applications, Nelson's breakthrough in network testing enables technicians to quickly and easily configure thousands of real clients talking to thousands of real servers in a laboratory environment. Billions of bits per second of real network traffic are generated by the technique, and the network throughput can be immediately analyzed to uncover problem areas.

"This type of testing makes a lot of sense," says Kevin Brown, Senior Marketing Director for Cabletron. "Using high volumes of real network traffic is completely different from, and in some ways superior to, testing with artificial traffic generators. Neal Nelson's method assures us that we have put our products through the most realistic stress test possible."

Automated test execution: the Network Stress Test is a fully automated benchmark that can conduct long and complicated tests with just a few clicks of the mouse. Vendors can now conduct quality testing more efficiently, ensuring that their products are of the highest reliability before they are released in the market. This automation significantly improves on the industry standard 30-minute tests, which needed to be re-set manually.

The Network Stress Test runs on a cluster of Linux-based computers with multiple local area network adapters in each machine. The infrastructure can support 10,000 simultaneous user sessions and perform a variety of common network activities like web browsing, Telnet/Rlogin sessions, FTP file transfers, email, streaming video and multicast communications.

Neal Nelson, founder of Neal Nelson & Associates, originally developed the testing infrastructure for use at the US Army Technology Integration Center in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. He comments: "Modern networks are being challenged to handle increasingly complex loads that include huge volumes of World Wide Web traffic, audio streams, video streams and multicast data. These rapid innovations in network technology required that we develop similar advances in network testing techniques. The result is our Network Stress Test - one tough test that can assure vendors and buyers that their products won't let them down in high-traffic, real-world conditions."

About Cabletron: Cabletron Systems is a pioneer in high-performance computer networking and provides dependable network access and communications to millions of people worldwide. With scaleable products designed for Fortune 1000 enterprise networks, service providers and small businesses, Cabletron provides simple, reliable and cost-effective business solutions for the information age.

About FORE Systems: FORE Systems is a leading global supplier of high performance networking solutions. FORE's Networks of SteelT deliver the increased capacity, resiliency and scalability necessary to build networks that last. Thousands of enterprise and service provider customers worldwide have put FORE Systems' solutions at the heart of their networks.

About Xylan: Xylan is an Alcatel company focused on developing powerful internetworking products for enterprises and service providers. For enterprise customers, Xylan's networks are so powerful that they can bypass an entire generation of network change. They combine ease of management, high performance, and easy integration with existing equipment and software. For service providers, Xylan builds equipment for high-speed multi-service VPNs. Xylan's solutions integrate broad connectivity options, advanced software for partitioning and security, and any-to-any switching. Xylan helps service providers build profitable networks.

About Neal Nelson & Associates: Neal Nelson & Associates is an independent testing and consulting company founded in 1973. It is not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendor and offers a number of products and services including the Business Benchmarkâ, the industry's premier multi-tasking artificial batch benchmark. The firm has its primary office and a testing laboratory in Chicago. Neal Nelson & Associates' client list includes companies such as: FedEx, IBM, McDonald's, Northern Telecom, Sprint and major government agencies including the Internal Revenue Service, US Department of the Air Force, US Department of the Navy and US Department of the Army.

 Aspen Systems ships 64-bit Alpha Linux

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, August 23, 1999 - Aspen Systems, Inc., a leading high-performance computer designer and integrator, has commenced shipping its Twin Peaks® II line of 667MHz, 64-bit dual-Alpha 21264 processor workstation, server, and cluster solutions.

Twin Peaks II is a ruggedized line of custom solutions that incorporates the world's fastest microprocessor technology with high-performance hardware and the latest Linux and Tru64 UNIX versions to create performance-optimized solutions for key markets such as scientific, multimedia, ISP, and other critical applications. At SPECfp95 53.7, Twin Peaks II offers not only the fastest Linux and UNIX processing, but also a price/performance ratio that is up to eight times better than its nearest competitor.

 News from LinuxMall

Here at LinuxMall.com we've finally unleashed our new web site, and we're very pleased with the results. We've added tons of new features, and improved old ones.

Legislative Lunacy

Some very scary pieces of legislation are floating around these days. The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) has voted in favor of The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA). The UCITA would deregulate software licensing - something that would allow software publishers more power and guarantee the end user even fewer rights.

[For more information about this, see Shrink-Wrapped UCITA on the Linux Journal web site. -Ed]

Linux and Education

Two Open Source projects focusing on education have been initiated recently. SEUL-EDU is part of the Simple End User Linux project and provides a mailing list and central Homepage for all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students. You can find out more about SEUL-EDU at: www.seul.org/edu/

The OpenClassroom Initiative has announced a distribution and server tools designed to be of use in an educational environment. All of the materials are available free of charge and are under the GNU Public License. You can check out the OpenClassroom Inititiative at: www.openclassroom.org/developers


Cracking Windows2000 beta

Eric S. Raymond comments on Microsoft's latest publicity stunt: putting a Windows2000 beta machine on the Net and daring anyone to crack it. Someone did, apparently, but it wasn't up long anyway - it promptly crashed under the load. Eric explains why he doesn't think that Windows is a platform that's capable of being secure or stable.

More Linux Newsletter articles. Distributed via GPL.

 Seagate is Linux-compatible

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 28, 1999 -- Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today announced that its entire line of tape backup drives has been certified with Linux, which is quickly gaining momentum as a powerful network operating system for servers. After thorough testing, Seagate received certification on its Hornet Travan, Scorpion DAT and Sidewinder AIT tape drives through the Linux tape certification program, managed by Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., (EST).

 PC-Tel software modem

San Jose, CA - August 2, 1999 - PC-TEL announced the availability of the industry's first Linux-compatible software modem. This newest version of PC-TEL's popular host signal processing (HSP) technology will facilitate the availability of low-cost, Internet-enabled devices featuring the Linux open-source operating system.

HSP modems offer leading hardware OEMs a faster time to market, higher system reliability and a lower cost of manufacturing. Perhaps more importantly, these solutions are much more flexible than traditional hardware modem technology, enabling easy modem upgradeability and international customizability through simple software changes. The Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 version and Red Hat Linux 6.0 of PC-TEL's Linux-PCI based MicroModem are available immediately to OEMs developing systems requiring Internet access.

 Linux Links

Linus announced his intention for a kernel code freeze to pave the way for Linux 2.4. (Most of the discussion in this thread is about the state of the ISDN drivers.) "Linus the Libertator" -- a San Jose Mercury-News interview with Linus that discusses his background, family and life. DVD drives and Linux: the current state of the art. DVD is also mentioned in an article by Bill Bennet in this month's Gazette.

Linux Not Mission Critical Ready? IBM says 'think' again. ZDnet article. Thanks to LinuxMall for bringing this to our attention.

Scary airport photo.

Software Announcements

 Sun acquires StarOffice, makes it available for download

Sun Microsystems has acquired Star Division, the German company who made the StarOffice office suite. For a free download or a $9.95 CD (plus shipping), point your browser to sun.com.

Sun plans to make the application suite more web-centric, so that you can use it via a web browser.

The source code will be available through Sun's Community Licensing program to encourage industry-wide collaboration on future versions of the software.

 C.O.L.A software news

OpenDIS -- Open Digita Services 0.0.2. A library and utility program for cameras such as the Kodak DC-220 and DC-260 that run Flashpoint's Digita Operating system. The utility ("ks") is a simple command-line program for standalone downloading, taking, deleting of photos and querying and moding the camera.

r2d2 uses a configuration file rather than the symlinus of System V Init.

FTP site
Mailing list

Weekly Linux Newsletter. No spam, no advertising, just heaps of Linux tips, tricks and news from the world of Linux. subscribe@thebits.co.uk.

Hinv produces a concise hardware inventory of your system. GPL.

KStock -- a KDE stock ticker.

 H-P Openmail to support Linux

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 2, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that OpenMail 6.0, HP's strategic business-messaging and collaboration solution for UNIX(R) system computers, also will support the Linux operating system. By supporting Linux, OpenMail 6.0 will provide its upgraded functionality and e-services(1) capabilities to the growing number of Linux-based businesses, offering a low-cost alternative to other enterprise-messaging solutions.

HP expects OpenMail for Linux to be available in September. A free beta version is available now on the Internet at http://www.hp.com/go/openmail.

"HP believes that many Linux-based businesses need the type of proven enterprise capabilities that today's OpenMail customers enjoy," said Nigel Upton, general manager of HP's OpenMail business. "OpenMail gives the Linux community a compelling alternative to 'generic' Internet e-mail servers."

In addition to robust Internet e-mail-standards support, the Linux edition of OpenMail will include rich support for Microsoft(R) Outlook (including full wide-area calendar/schedule access) and OpenMail 6.0's new Web client.

More OpenMail information is available at on the web at http://www.hp.com/go/openmail.

 Voice over IP from Vovida Networks

First Free Open Source (GNU LGPL) MGCP and RTP Stacks Running On Linux Operating System Available from Vovida Networks

MGCP is a protocol used for controlling Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateways from external call control elements. MGCP is the emerging protocol that is receiving wide interest from both the voice and data industries. RTP is a protocol used to carry streaming real-time multi-media data over IP Networks.

For further information about Vovida Networks, support packages and downloading of the MGCP and RTP stacks, please visit the Vovida Networks web site at www.vovida.com. Download code at www.vovida.com/sub_mgcp.html and www.vovida.com/sub_rtp.html.

 Cygnus Shipping Code Fusion IDE for Linux

LINUXWORLD, San Jose, Calif., August 09, 1999 - Cygnus Solutions, the leader in open-source software, announced today it is shipping Code Fusion*, the industry's highest performing(1), most complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux developers. Code Fusion IDE makes it possible for developers familiar with programming on Windows platforms to quickly become productive in developing applications for Linux.

With Code Fusion, Cygnus combines the latest Cygnus-certified, open-source GNU tools release with an intuitive graphical IDE framework. It features a C, C++, and Java tools project manager, editor, graphical browsers and the Cygnus Insight debugger.

Code Fusion IDE is priced at $299. For more information see www.cygnus.com/codefusion.

Cygnus also announced version 2.0 of its GNUPro Development Kit. See www.cygnus.com/linux for details.

 Magic Software news

At a press conference held at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, Jack Dunietz (CEO of Magic Software Enterprises), announced that Magic had ported its award-winning e-commerce solution (eMerchant ) to the Linux platform.

 Intel LANDesk Management Suite

AMERICAN FORK, UT, Aug. 9, 1999 -- Intel Corporation today announced it has extended the Intel LANDesk Management Suite to provide support for Linux-based systems. A new software module for Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3, available today for download from the Internet, enables IT managers to inventory the hardware and software assets on Linux-based laptops, PCs and servers and take remote control of those systems when diagnosing or repairing problems. "As many of our customers deploy Linux-based systems throughout their organizations, especially for web, e-commerce and file and print servers, it is imperative that they have the tools to manage and maintain these heterogeneous environments," said Ed Ekstrom, vice president and general manager for Intel's Systems Management Division. "Intel is committed to supporting IT managers across the application environments they support."

 HELIOS slashes cost of network computing

August 10, 1999 =8B Garbsen, Germany HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading vendor of network and prepress server software, announced a new 5-user version of EtherShare to retail at just $1,490 USD.

Helios EtherShare 2.5.1 offers state-of-the-art file, print, font, mail and timeservers with extremely fast AppleTalk routing, AppleShare IP file transfers, and user friendly remote administration. And, when combined with PCShare, EtherShare OPI 2.0, PDF Handshake and Print Preview, the Helios server suite provides a true cross-platform solutio n that can handle even the most demanding networking and printing environments.

Smart Ideas for Better Networking HELIOS software products support the UNIX and Pentium-based Linux operating systems, in addition to Apple Computer's new Mac OS X Server platform.

Helios products run on powerful and scalable servers from Apple Computer, Data General, Digital, HP, IBM, Motorola, a wide vareity of Pentium-based CPUs, SGI, and Sun, providing reliable cross-platform support for Macintosh, DOS/Windows, Windows 2000, Linux and UNIX-based clients. Distributors sell Helios products worldwide to value-added resellers who provide complete networking solutions to customers. Helios software products are also available as part of OEM solutions by many major vendors in the prepress industry.

 Stalker CommuniGate Pro 3.1

MILL VALLEY, CA - August 9, 1999 - Stalker Software, Inc. today announced the version 3.1 of their hi-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system. CommuniGate Pro is a Unified Messaging Server which supports most major operating systems. CommuniGate Pro is recognized for its many features, high speed and reliability.

Since its first commercial release in September 1998, Stalker has expanded the operating systems it supports to include Linux/LinuxPPC, Solaris, FreeBSD, WindowsNT, MacOS X, BSDi, AIX, D/Unix, and IRIX. On all platforms, CommuniGate Pro presents the same interface and uses the same file formats, allowing any organization to switch server platforms in less than an hour.

CommuniGate Pro can support 100,000-200,000 accounts from one server making it a viable solution for small to mid-size ISP's. For extra large ISP's handling millions of accounts, CommuniGate Pro offers clustering support.

In addition, the new 3.1 version of CommuniGate Pro supports Personal Web Sites with automated publishing. Users can create their own Web sites and upload web files to the CommuniGate Pro server using any composer application that supports the HTTP PUT method (like Netscape(r) Composer). Besides, Personal Web Sites can be updated using simple HTML forms. Support for uploading via the CommuniGate Pro FTP server should follow in the next release.

CommuniGate Pro supports secure connections for all services it supports. Not only the HTTP services (Web Administration and WebUser interface to E-mail) can be used via secure internet connections, but all other communications, such as IMAP, POP, SMTP, LDAP, ACAP can be secured.

There is a Free Trial Version available at www.stalker.com/CommuniGatePro/.

 Giganet cLAN (MPI Software Technology)

At Linux World, Giganet announced that MPI Software Technology, Inc. will distribute its cLAN server cluster interconnects for Windows NT and Linux. The cLAN cluster interconnects, combined with MPI Software Technology’s MPI/Pro (Message Passing Interface) software, enable compute-intensive applications to scale at new levels of performance at a very low-cost.

Applications such as weather modeling, fluid flow analysis, real-time ray tracing and molecular modeling, traditionally have been run on supercomputers. Through the clustering of high-performance Windows NT servers or Beowulf Linux clusters, engineers and scientists can achieve the advantages of speed and availability, leverage the latest technologies and lower costs. The clustered systems work in parallel on a scientific challenge, coordinating with each other on the intermediate results. The combined MPI/Pro and cLAN solution enables high-speed passing of messages among systems, with minimal delay.

 Udanax (Xanadu) hypertext system now open source

Monterey, California(August 23, 1999): Ted Nelson announced today that the source code for a working implementation of the Xanadu hypertext system are being made open source for developers. Udanax.com -- formerly Xanadu Operating Company (XOC, Inc.) -- released the code and will serve as the focal point for continuing development and application of these powerful hypertext systems.

In 1960, Nelson, who coined the term "hypertext", envisioned a revolutionary system of publishing. He foresaw the power of publishing over computer networks like the World Wide Web but his original vision exceeded the capabilities of the Web. Nelson termed this vision "Xanadu" and has sought to implement it through numerous efforts. Udanax is the result of some of this effort.

With the Xanadu schemes developed by Udanax.com:

According to Nelson, "The Web is a foam of ever popping bubbles, rather than stable literature." The key technical difference between the Udanax implementations of hypertext and the WWW mechanism (HTML) is in how connections between documents are tracked. In HTML, the links are embedded in the document itself and are essentially named by the location of the machine where the document is stored. Move the cited document -- the link breaks (404 errors). In the Udanax systems, the connections between documents are managed independently of the documents using sophisticated software algorithms.

The Udanax development efforts focused on the "back-end" or server component of the software. By making Udanax open source, developers can work on "front-ends" or browsers for different applications. "Rather than focusing on a glossy user interface, the Udanax team has focused on building a complex and robust system to manage the information." Gregory said. To date, over 1,500 developers have indicated interest in developing applications for the Udanax system.


 Memory-resident Anti-Virus Protection for Linux

Moscow, Russia, July 15, 1999 -- Kaspersky Lab, a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, reports the release of beta-version of world's first memory resident virus interceptor for Linux - AVP Monitor.

AVP Monitor for Linux is a client part of AVP Daemon that intercepts all file operations (starting, opening and initialisation of modules) and checks objects for viruses. Constant presence of the program in computer's memory allows reliable control over all possible ways of virus attacks on a computer or corporate network. Besides, AVP Monitor makes anti-virus defense very convenient and easy to use: it is enough to install and launch the program each time the computer starts.

A beta-version of AVP Monitor for Linux is available free of charge at Kaspersky Lab's WWW site at www.avp.ru.

Kaspersky Lab is a fast-growing international company with offices in Moscow, Russia, Dublin, Ireland and Cambridge, UK. Started the business in 1992 is has concentrated in development of world-leading anti-virus technologies and software.

 Other software

CodeWizard for C++ 3.0

Linda and Paradise, parallel and distributed computing development tools, by Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.Trial versions of the software are included on Red Hat's Applications CD, part of Red Hat's Official Linux 6.0 operating system.

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