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(?) Linux to NT PPP Connection Over Null Modem

From Neal Gieselman on Wed, 28 Jul 1999


You got any tips on how to get Linux to connect to NT over a null modem cable? We intend to eventually replace the null modem with a wireless connection.

Neal Gieselman

(!) I don't know anything about supporting NT PPP. I've never used it. For the Linux end you'd just use the directive "local" instead of "modem." So, look for a similar option among the NT GUIs and dialogs. They might have a "modems" or "serial ports" control panel which might have a "null" or "direct" entry in the list of supported modem models. Try that first.
Call MS technical support for info on making any sort of null modem PPP connection (ask them how to make two NT boxes connect over a null modem cable). Whatever they suggest --- if it is standards conformant PPP or even close --- Linux should be able to cope with it when you replace one NT endpoint with your Linux system.
Why isn't there an NT answer guy?
You'd probably be better off installing ethernet cards in the two boxes in question, and running a cross-over cable between them.
Questions to the rest of the readership: Are there any short-haul modems out there that provide the same interface as a basic Hayes compatible modem? Are there any devices which emulate dial-tone (TM), DTMF signaling and ring/busy signals? (Such telco wire simulators would obviously be quite handy for teaching PPP and other modem skills in a class room setting).

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