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(?) Support for the Microtek SlimScan Parallel Port Scanner

From Alejandro Aguilar Sierra on Sun, 22 Nov 1998


The scanner SlimScan from Mocrotek uses a kind of scsi through parallel port connexion. Neither 2.0.x nor 2.1.x kernels seems to have support for this device, at least I didn't find it in the kernel config in parallel and scsi sections. There are drivers for parallel port ide and atapi devices but not for pseudo scsi.

Am I wrong (I hope) ? Any suggestion?

(!) You're probably not wrong. There probably isn't support for this, yet.
Suggestion: Call Microtek. Ask if they have a drive. Then ask if they know of a driver some someone else? Then ask if they'd be willing to write a driver (point out there there are plenty of code examples for parallel port device drivers and from which they are legally entitles to derive their own driver --- subject to the GPL, of course).
If you're still making no headway --- consider asking for an RMA (a return merchandise authorization: assuming that you've only recently purchased this scanner). Then go get one that's supported. When a company gets enough of these (customers who purchased a product in good faith and found that it doesn't suit their needs due to a lack of Linux support), they often come to their senses and realize that they are hardware companies (that providing source code drivers and technical specifications removes the biggest constraint to their ability to sell their products).

(?) Thanks, Alejandro

(!) You're welcome. Good Luck.

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