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(?) relaying still not correct ...

From joel williams on Thu, 12 Nov 1998


I have another computer on my net. I rebooted my Linux box, and now it will not relay mail again. Any clues?


(!)Somehow it considers the Windows box to be "in" your domain --- while it considers the other 10* system to be offering it mail from "outside" of your domain.
Could you take a piece of mail like this:
-------------------- Cut Here ----------------
To: jimd@mail.starshine.org
Subject: Testing

-------------------- Cut Here ----------------
... and pipe that into the command:
sendmail -v -t -oi &> /tmp/test.results
... (or capture the output in a typescript or use cut&paste from your telnet/xterm window).
I'm interested in where this (other) system is trying to relay the mail to, and what/who it is masquerading as.
The following might work:
VERSIONID(`Williams-consulting nullclient')



FEATURE(nullclient, `williams-consulting.com')
... put that unto the affected box (if it's Unix), build the cf file (using a command similar to the one we used on the Linux box --- finding the right directory is the trick. You could use the copy of sendmail on the Linux box to build the .cf files for the other system(s) --- just redirect the m4 output to another file and copy the file over using ftp/rcp (or whatever).
... Note: Change the OSTYPE argument as appropriate.
If this is a Windows box running Netscape Communicator or something like that -- check your "Identity" on that system.
We know that you system will currenly relay for anyone that "claims" to be sending mail "from" your domain. So any client that masquerades as williams-consulting.com should work.
I'll get an answer about the appropriate format for the /etc/mail/{relay_allow} file tonight. I'm pretty sure I have examples from Glynn Clements' posting to linux-admin in my archives.

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Published in The Linux Gazette Issue 35 December 1998

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