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(?) Needs to Login to Netware

From dave.thiery on Tue, 10 Nov 1998

Dear Answerguy,

I recently installed RedHat 5.2 on my laptop(as a dual boot with Win95 which I need for work). What I would like to do is to be able to log into my company's NetWare server and access the network along with the internet through Linux. I have a IBM 380XD laptop with a 3Com 3C574-TX Fast EtherLink PC Card. Any suggestions?


(!) I'll assume that you have your ethernet card working.
Caldera (http://www.caldera.com) offers a Netware client as part of their distribution. I've heard that this can be used with other distributions --- but you'll want to check with them (read their notes) to determine if this is legal as per their licensing.
There is a freeware package called ncpfs (by Volker Lendeke) which allows some access to some Netware servers. I've never used ncpfs but I have seen it used (a couple of years ago). It works a bit like NFS --- a directory you mount is visible to the whole system. Obviously that's not a problem for your laptop.
By contrast the version of Caldera's client that I used back then provided access to NDS and bindery servers, and provided user dependent access. In other words, two users concurrently logged into your system would have different access to server files based on their individual access rights in Netware. (Under ncpfs any Linux user with any access to the mounted Netware file tree will get the same access as the Netware user who mounted it).
If your Netware servers are using NDS and aren't providing bindery emulation --- or if you needs services that are provided via bindery emulation --- then you'll have to look at the Caldera client. Otherwise the ncpfs package may do the trick for you.

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