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(?) linux book

From P.Sreekanth Reddy

Answered By Thomas Adam, Karl-Heinz Herrmann, Mike "Iron" Orr, Chuck Peters

Dear sir,

I am new for Linux operating system in fact i am new to computer field. I know about windows. Please suggest me one good, basic, which eaches easily about linux operating system and a book for operating system concepts.

thank you, sir

P.Sreekanth Reddy


(!) [Thomas Adam] Hello,
This is a very common question among people new to Linux. But this question is very broad. There is a whole plethora of books to choose from.
The one which got me started was called "Running Linux" which is published by the leading book publishers of Linux material --- "O'Reilly". Take a look at the following website:
To give you more information.
If you could perhaps be a little more specific as to what you think you will be using Linux for, then maybe we here at TAG can tailor our answers to suit your needs.
In the meantime, I hope that helps,
(!) [K.-H.] this is a rather broad question. Since you say you've some windows experience I assume you've got some computer and you probably need "Linux" and some idea what to do with it.
Do you already have a Linux distribution? Did you already install it and want help with "what now"? At what step do you need help?
There are lots of books on Unix in general and Linux specifically. If you are looking for downloadable and/or online versions have a look at:
especially Linux administrators guide. That one helped me a lot at the beginning.
There are several companies or groups putting together packs (distributions) of kernel, OS programs and application programs which can be easily installed. Some have their own manuals (printed or online) for their specific setup.
Tell us more and we could help you more on your specific problem....
(!) [Chuck] A basic book designed to help Windows users become productive on Linux ASAP is Everyday Linux. Its available online at http://EverydayLinux.com.
I should note I am a bit biased as I know the authors well and I own the domain.
(!) [Heather] One of my local LUGs received a copy of "A 12 Step Guide To Curing Your Windows Addiction". It was given away as a door prize at my local LUG, but I think it was pretty decent. Since you say you know about Windows, it may help more than some books which might assume you have a bit more computer knowledge already.
Way back in the dusty ages when I didn't know UNIX, I learned most of the good stuff to get me up to speed in Mark Sobell's books. "A Practical Guide To The Linux System" should help you get a little more hands-on experience.
Of course, Jim did co-author a book, "Linux System Administration" pubbed under the New Riders imprint... it's split half and half, theory and practical matters, but as some of the intended audience are execs and other managerial sorts who may not deal with the nuts and bolts, maybe it will help you too.
(!) [Iron] Go to the new Linux Gazette Knowledge Base http://www.linuxgazette.net/tag/kb.html and scroll down to "How can I get help on Linux?" There are a few books listed.
Jim Dennis has also mentioned books in his Answer Gang answers, and the "Greetings from Heather Stern" entry (the first entry in each The Answer Gang column) also occasionally mentions books. I would point you to a specific URL, but searching for "linux books jim dennis" brings up 24 pages of entries in the search engine, so it would take a while to evaluate all the pages.
(!) [Ben] You know - I'm just loving this. This is exactly how I foresaw this resource being used, a simple place we could point querents.
Major-league case of warmfuzzies here, as I go back to pounding the topic list...

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