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(?) Hi Gazzete (Squid)

From Cybernetica Aduanal

Answered By Thomas Adam


(?) Hi Gazzete: Hi again, write you for help to work with the squid, I need to control access to this program, i have been used the ACL (access control list) and put the status in "Deny" to avoid that a list that i make stay in of the access to the squid. But this continuos accessing, what a can do..?

(!) [Thomas] It is strange actually, since in my LWM article next month, I'll be writing about the use of Squid and SquidGuard :-) ........
How is your proxy server set up?? Are you using an external filtering program such as SquidGuard to filter your acl's too???
If you are just using "/etc/squid.conf" then you need to make sure that you do the following under the appropriate section:
  1. Under the ACL section, you should have defined your ACL in a format such as this:

    acl aclname acltype "file"
    making sure that "file" contains one URL per line.
    This has told squid that the "file" contains websites to which you either want to allow access to or deny access to.
    But there is one final step to implement this...
  2. Having defined the ACL we now need to tell Squid what to do with it, thus:

    http_access deny "aclname" localhost (or IP address)
    What the above says is that it will deny access to "aclname" if the request comes from the localhost (or a suitable other IP address specified).
I hope this helps to solve your problem.
Should you get stuck, let me (us) know and we'll see what we can do :-)
--Thomas Adam

(?) proxy

From Dadi

Answered By Jim Dennis, Mike Orr


I connect to the web thru a LAN and recently the only way I can do that is thru a proxy (which is also the gateway) at 8080 port. What do I need to set up (can I?) to get it work with lynx, ftp and any browser? I can configure Konqueror and any browser with the proxy and the port, but I need a general connection (that will work with any program, without any further seting to the program). If I have an antivirus (let's say) that updates thru the web, it won't work. I hope I was clear enough.

Thanks in advance, Dadi

(!) [JimD]
Under UNIX and Linux most HTTP capable programs (such as lynx, wget and curl) will honor the value of the http_proxy environment variable. (curl might require that to be HTTP_PROXY, I'm not sure). So the following settings to your .*profile/.login or env scripts:

export http_proxy HTTP_PROXY
Should work for most browsers and other HTTP capable programs. I have no idea whether your anti-virus update package would honor this environment setting.
Some sites use transparent proxying. You can read about one approach to providing this at:
Transparent Proxying with Squid Mini-HOWTO:
(!) [Iron] Do set both HTTP_PROXY and http_proxy. Some programs use one and other programs use the other. I think lynx uses the lower-case version.
There's also FTP_PROXY and ftp_proxy if your proxy server provides that (squid does).

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