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(?) Jaton 107 Blade 3D and XFree86

From Eduardo Castello on Tue, 18 Jan 2000

I have a Jaton 107 Blade 3D with 8Mb and a SamSung Syncmaster 550s and I can't configure the X server!!!

What should I do?!!!

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(!) I have never heard of a "Jaton 107" --- but Blade 3D are Trident chipsets. A search on http://www.google.com/linux shows people reporting success with AGP Blade 3D and XFree86 3.3.5 and another using XFree86 3.3.4 from S.u.S.E. (AGP or PCI unspecified).
The XFree86 web site is the canonical source of what chipsets are supported by their X server. The Trident Blade3D is listed on the 3.3.5 support list at http://www.xfree86.org/3.3.5/README3.html
Of course this assumes that you're trying to use XFree86. There are also commercial X servers like X Inside (from Xig) and and Metro-X (from Metrolink).
Your message doesn't give any clues as to what distribution you're using, what X server you're having trouble with, or even what specific problem you're having.
Hint: When asking for tech support, especially free support, via e-mail BE SPECIFIC! At least tell the nice support person what you tried, and what happened.
Other Hint: Do your homework. Read some of the back issues of my column and you'll find about 100 messages where people have asked variations of: How do I get X to work with _____ video card? I answer them all about the same way. I look for the video card in Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo! etc to see if I can guess the chipset. Then I look at the XFree86 site to see if its on their supported list. Then I suggest that they consider getting one of the other X servers or getting a supported video card. (Meanwhile my searches include the keyword: Linux so I also get some testimonials and comments from Linux users who mention these cards).
The answer is always the same:
  1. Determine the chipset.
  2. Check XFree86 web site and FAQ
  3. Check a few search engines
  4. Consider purchasing a replacement:
    1. a supported card
    2. one of the commercial X servers

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