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(?) Overclocking a Motherboard? 233Mhz to 450Hmz?

From Steve on Fri, 07 Jan 2000

I have a motherboard in my PC that says it has a max processor speed of 233mhz, i did'nt know this when i resently purchased a 450mhz CPU. Is there any way i can override this issue, my max bus speed is 66.

(!) I wouldn't recommend it. Bare motherboards are not very expensive so you should be able to pick up one for about a $100 or less that will take the CPU that you got and still allow you to pull in your old DIMMs, and adapter cards from the existing system.
Of course I'd double check the RAM (DIMMs, SIMMs or whatever you've got) and make sure it is fast enough that you aren't wasting the investment in the new CPU.
Personally I don't recommend CPU upgrades at all. I suggest that people buy the CPU, motherboard, and RAM together, and get them matched to one another. Also it is quite unlikely that you applications are actually CPU bound. Your CPU investment would probably have been better spent in extra RAM or a faster controller.
As you say your current motherboard's bus speed is only 66Mhz. You probably want a motherboard that runs at closer to 100Mhz (at least PC100 RAM). You don't want the CPU sitting there waiting for its own RAM all the time.

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