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(?) Mounting CDs on IDE CDRW Drives

From Anthony Dearson on Thu, 23 Sep 1999

You had a question about mounting CDRW drives when using SCSI emulation. I found that using /dev/scdX allowed mounting the CDRW. /dev/cdrom can be linked to that instead of /dev/HDX Tony Dearson

(!) Ironically I guessed that and gained some first hand experience about a week ago when I bought and installed one of the silly things into my workstation. I also found out about the need to append hdc=ide-scsi on my shiny new 2.0.38 kernel to get the SCSI emulation working. I also found out that my normal CD-ROM drive (/dev/hdb) can't read CDRW media (though it seems to do O.K. with the CDR's that I burn in the same drive).
Thanks for confirming my guess.

(?) More CDRW

From David G. Watson on Thu, 23 Sep 1999

I have an IDE CD-RW drive, and it's just a little bit tricky getting it to work. The guy who you responded to in TAG is very close - he's just looking at the wrong device. The one he really wants is /dev/scd0. I haven't managed to get all CD playing software to recognize this when I'm not root, but most X CD players can (xplaycd, workman, synaesthesia, kscd, etc.).

Hope this helps, -Dave Watson

(!) Yep! I got one and had to learn a bit about it myself.

(?) Even more on CDRW

From Lance DeVooght on Thu, 23 Sep 1999

James, Regarding,

"Reading CD Discs on an IDE CDR Drive From balou nguyen on Wed, 14 Jul 1999 "

He needs to use: mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

if his CD-ROM drive is the master on the secondary IDE controller.

I just had this same problem on my system. It seems that after enabling SCSI emulation, the CD-ROM drives are seen as SCSI devices.

So, the slave drive on the secondary IDE controller is /dev/scd1.

You have probably already found this out but I couldn't resist trying to help the "Answer Guy" for a change.

Thanks for a great column!

Another fan, Lance DeVooght

(!) Obviously the CDRW medium as arrived! I've gotten more clarifications on that point then I can remember getting on any other.

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