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(?) The Linux Startup Script?

From Joe Lorino on Thu, 23 Sep 1999

In a message I found in a search about syslogd parameters, you mention modifying the Linux startup script. Can you tell me what file that is?

(!) Normally Linux has a number of startup scripts. Those include all of the files under /etc/rc.d/rc3.d (or /etc/rc2.d on Debian systems, or various others on other systems). This also depends on your operating mode (default runlevel).
However, I would say that the /etc/inittab is really THE Linux startup file. Ultimately a Linux kernel really only starts one process, 'init'(*). Then 'init' reads the /etc/inittab file and all of the rc.sysinit, rc*.d/S* files, etc. are run by that.
If you're going to run 'syslogd' directly from the inittab then you should use the "-n" (no forking) option. Be sure to upgrade to a reasonably new version as it was broken in some older ones. (Thank you, Martin Schulz for fixing that! It was a but that I reported). Also be sure to disable any /etc/rc*.d/S*syslog script you're running.
Of course you could also just edit our /etc/*/init.d/syslog script file.
I presume you're planning to add either the -m (generate "heartbeat" marks for remote monitors) or the -r (allow reception of remote syslog messages on a central loghost). Please be aware that -r might leave you vulnerable to some attacks --- particularly some DoS (denial of service) shenanigans. Use it with caution, and arrange your packet filters to limit access from untrusted networks.

(?) followup: The Linux Startup Script?

From Joe Lorino on Mon, 11 Oct 1999

Thank you for your reply. The information you provided is very helpful.

(!) Good. The most important thing for troubleshooting most computer systems is knowing in detail exactly what steps they go through as they start up.
Glad I could help.

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