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(?) Who is Jim Dennis?

From SeanieDude on Tue, 21 Sep 1999

Why the f*ck is your name listed so damn much in hotbot?

(!) Err. 'Cause I write a column for an online Linux magazine. I've been writing the "Linux Gazette's Answer Guy" column for about three years.
Honestly, my name only returns 2,000 hits on Hot Bot. Linus Torvalds (Linux' namesake) returns 9,990. If you search on the terms jim and dennis (not the phrase "jim dennis" with quotes) you get a bunch of stuff about Dennis Hopper being interviewed by Jim Carrey (or something like that). On Yahoo! my "vanity rating" is 4200 (which includes some false hits of course).
I only get about a 1,000 web page hits on Alta Vista (including links to some "trivia question" pages on the Linux Users Group at the Los Angeles Airport(*). I remember that this was a trivia question at some Linux conference, though I don't remember which one.
Oddly enough I'm also listed in the credits of the sed FAQ (surprised me --- I don't remember helping on that; but they got one of my e-mail addresses right so it's probably from when I was active on the comp.lang.awk newsgroup).
At Deja.com I found an amusing reference to myself. Some in the Netherlands apparently adopted an old .sig (signature quote) of mine to which he left on my name as the attribution:
"Any sufficiently advanced Operating System is indistinguishable from Linux."
... though I thought I'd said "UNIX" instead of Linux in that one.
Anyway, searching for yourself online can be fun and entertaining.
You can read more than you want to know about me (and quite a bit more about Linux) by going to http://www.linuxgazette.net (and its many mirrors) to http://www.starshine.org (my home, and my wife's consulting service) and http://www.linuxcare.com (my employer), and at:
(my new book: "Linux System Administration").

[ As we go to press, the book is already hitting the stores, as well. It has a purple spine, and a white cover with a river scene along the top. -- Heather ]

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