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(!) dao

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From Jay Riechel on Thu, 26 Aug 1999

Hi: You probably didn't really want to know what "dao" is. But James (and you) put it in TAG, so here is my 2c:
DAO could refer to Microsoft's Data Access Objects. DAO provides a programmatic interface to Microsoft's Jet database engine, which originally appeared in Visual Basic. Jet supposedly lets you access Microsoft's .mdb database format as well as ODBC and ISAM data sources. It seems to be another attempt at creating a standard on their own (when adequate alternatives already exist), just to tie up more market share.
I know you avoid MS-related stuff, but hey, knowledge is power! You two are doing great work. Thanks from me and all the other lurkers!
Jay Riechel

[ Thanks Jay (and you're welcome). Things like this are good to know. Since you've got the answer to this one, your message gets the AnswerBubble! -- Heather ]

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