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(?) souncards

From Oxy Amigo on Mon, 15 Feb 1999

I have a Mediavision PAS16, a ALS100+ and a SoundBlaster Live!, can i put, at the same time the tree on Linux Red Hat 5.2? I just want 6 analog audio inputs.


(!) I doubt that it's possible. Many sound cards take up two IRQs and one or two DMA channels. You probably don't have six available IRQs and 3 to six available DMA channels.
If you can configure all of the hardware to co-exist (setting all of the various I/O port, IRQ, DMA channel addresses uniquely for all of them) then you can probably get Linux to concurrently access them. (You might have to do some kernel patches or play some games with obscure kernel boot parameters, module command line options, and module load order and/or driver autoprobing order. I don't know --- I'm not a C programmer).
If you looked around a bit you might find a professional sound mixing subsystem that you can interface to your PC to give you six or more high fidelity audio inputs. I'm not an audiophile, nor a sound engineer either.
One of the guys at SVLUG has set up a portable MBone multimedia broadcast system which seems to be capable of three video/audio feeds (I'm not sure if that's switched or concurrent, though I'm now curious enough to ask).
Have you tried to do this? What sorts of problems did you bump into? What is it that you're actually trying to do? (What intended application leads to your your requirements)?

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