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(?) [Q]: Winmodem under Linux

From urryk on Sun, 07 Feb 1999

Hi, James!

Whether there is any possibility to use the US Robotics Winmodem in Linux?

I know that this incompatible device, but it is possible to somebody it was possible it to win. Thank you for advice.

Yury with best wishes.

(!) You know that this device in incompatible with Linux but you're asking me if there is any possibility of using it with Linux.
Yes, it is currently incompatible. This is largely because the manufacturer (of the chipset used by this modem) will not release the programming specifications to the public.
So, yes there is a possibility of getting use out of it under Linux. First, convince Rockwell Peripherals International (or whatever their real corporate name is) to release the specs. Then find someone who is willing to write a driver to those specs. (You might even convince Rockwell of the value in writing their own Linux driver and releasing the sources to that).
I'll admit that this is only a slim possibility. I'm sure that other Linux enthusiasts (and Mac users, and others) have requested similar support for other non-MS-Windows systems. My advice is threefold:
DON'T BUY WINMODEMS, WINPRINTERS OR ANY OTHER OS-Specific Devices! (I wouldn't buy a piece of hardware that was supported exclusively under Linux either).
Get rid of the piece of junk you've already got. Get an RMA. Get on a phone and scorch the ears of everyone in the organizations that sold, manufactured and distributed this defective useless slag to you. Make it so expensive to deal with your complaints that they'll clearly understand the false economy in selling these things. (And be polite through the whole process).

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