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Concerning partitions, you'd better follow the suggestions on the RedHat manual. Here below you'll find an example; this doesn't mean that these partitions represent the result of a deep study of the problem nor any kind of optimised configuration.
You can use either Disk Druid or fdisk as partitioning tool; as I read about some problems using Disk Druid, I preferred using fdisk, even if the first one may be more easy to use. Always carefully follow the instructions on the manual.
I've used a 3.0Gb harddisk, 746 cylinders, I created 4 partitions. The partition table is shown in table 2.

If you want to let normal no-root user to mount floppy disks, edit /etc/fstab: the floppy disk related line should look like this:

	   /dev/fd0     /mnt/floppy     ext2     noauto,user  0 0
the same applies for the CD. A better way is to use the utility cabaret.

Table 2: One possible partition table

Alessandro Usseglio Viretta
Wed Feb 4 11:32:27 MET 1998