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Where to get RedHat Linux

RedHat linux is probably the most easy-to-install Linux distribution and if you have a good reason for using any other distribution it's probably because you know much more about Linux than I do. If you have no clue about what a ditribution is, just stick to RedHat-5.0 (or the most recent you can find) and you can't go wrong.
You can buy the CD directly from RedHat or a copy from, e.g., CheapBytes, in the latter case I reccomend to print the manual, downloading it from the RedHat FTP site or from any mirror.
You can even burn your own CD: in this case keep in mind that if you are not using a Linux or UN*X machine, you could have problems with the readibility of the CD, as the letter caps and/or the file permissions may not be correctly preserved on Windows or Apple boxes.

Alessandro Usseglio Viretta
Wed Feb 4 11:32:27 MET 1998