(?) thx for ur ncurses, u have networking howto?

From deepak a.l

Answered By Pradeep Padala, Heather Stern

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hi mr pradeep padala need help free source code for a networking project under linux topics like ppp -- Heather

hi pradeep padala

im deepak from bangalore , a very good lover of linux and its extra features ,me and my batch mate are doing a project on "networking using linux as a platform"" plese help me out regarding this regard,ur howto ncurses programming helped us a lot for building up the editor,thanks for the ncurses programming ,it was helpful ,

so i wanted to ask u whether u have "Networking Howto"

(!) [Pradeep] A wealth of information is available regarding networking on Linux. If you want a generic introduction to networking, TLDP (The LinuxDoc Project) has following howtos
(!) [Heather] Also within the pages of the Linux Gazette itself, the very long Jim Dennis message "Routing and Subnetting 101" is still available: http://linuxgazette.net/issue36/tag/a.html
We have had other good messages on networking topics too. These are mentioned in the Answer Gang Knowledgbase: http://www.linuxgazette.net/tag/kb.html
While most of the questions asked of us are about configuring the network to be visible, certain kinds of questions lead to a discussion of how it works under the hood. Many are laden with additional URLs well worth reading into. But I'd say a fair number of them mention the HOWTOs that Pradeep listed above.

(?) plese help us out ,we want to do well in our project with ur wishes, plese let me know as soon as possible of networking projects sites offering free source code or any thing tutorial written by u regarding networking under linux, i mean the manpages which display help for networking,

(!) [Pradeep] I guess you are looking for information on socket programming. There are tons of tutorials on net. The man pages must be available on your linux system. I am forwarding a mail I wrote answering a similar question.
For source code you can have a look at various projects at http://freshmeat.net and http://sourceforge.net
Good luck

(?) we would be really thankful to u if u please help us in this regard i mean if u have a documentation or example source code which could help us in building the networking project ,please suggest me some sites reagading networking,pleaseeeee


deepak sanjay

from Bangalore

thank u!!!


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can u tell me how the data packets are sent from

one pc to other in a LAN. in other words about the tcp ip in linux. lastly if u have any code in c or cpp to do this job.

That's quite a broad question. Gurus like Richard Stevens, Douglas E Comer wrote atleast three volumes each on this topic. I suggest you read Richar Stevens' "UNIX Network Programming" book.

If you want to know about socket programming(I guess that's what you mean by c code), there are plenty of articles on web. Google.com is the best place to search. This is one of the articles I found


There's a TCP/IP resource list on faqs.org:

If you want to learn how TCP/IP implementation in Linux, best way to do is to look through source which can be browsed online at http://lxr.linux.no. Apart from that, the following document can give you some info



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