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(?) SuSE 7.1 installation CD not recognized

From Tom Zabosky

Answered By Dan Wilder, Karl-Heinz Herrmann, Jim Dennis

Good day

I came across the undermentioned question to yourselves and it is the identical problem I have been having. Could you please send me the answer given to this question. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration in this matter.


Tom Zabosky


SuSE 7.1 installation CD not recognized

ram son - Tue, 3 Apr 2001 09:52:50 -0700 (PDT)

My knowledge of Linux systems isn't very extensive but I have been checking out different systems by downloading ISO's from ftp sites.Because SuSE 7.1 live-evaluation is only an image and uninstallable, I downloaded from a mirror the folders and files I thought might be needed by duplicating the layout from version 7.0 --which seems to be the same as the ftp layout. Unfortunately I ended up with an unbootable CD...So I made a boot floppy and get started only to get a message saying " unable to find SuSE 7.1 Installation CD 1..." It then switches to manual installation and I am able to install using yast1...But I actually wanted to check all the new stuff included in Yast2 and the partitioning improvements -- aside from the curiosity factor to find out what actaually went wrong. If I use the cd from 7.0 the boot floppy works fine and I get yast2. I also compared the layout and files in the two versions and was not able to solve the problem. I searched many sites and all I get are bits and pieces that did not help me much.

The questions are: What is missing from my cd that it is not recognized as the installation cd? What is it that linuxrc looks for to get Yast2 started? and more importantly where in the tree is it supposed to be? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer me ..preferably with a direct answer or at least point me to where the answer could "actually" be found and save me the link-chasing.


(!) [Dan] I'd suggest you ask SuSE this question.
(!) [K.-H.] I agree with Dan on this -- SuSE would be the place to ask.
If you didn't fetch a boot disk as well and burned the CD explicitly as bootable CD with that disk-image of course it can't be bootable. See cdrecord man pages and README's for details or move to a search engine of your choice and type "burn bootable CDR" or something similar.
The partitioning improvements of yast2/7.1 are that you still cant choose any more complicated layout than a continous part of a HD. (seems to have improved with 7.3).
SuSE/yast requires a list of packages and lots of information for administration of the system. probably you forgot that.
You've no problem with filesystem type/extensions on the CD? like all caps filenames instead of lower case ones?
I guess SuSE put something there so it's not that easy to just bake your Installation CD yourself where lots of needed stuff might be needed. Aren't there CD images which would even be bootable?
(!) [JimD] Actually it's probably a replay of the old question:
I downloaded a .ISO image and it doesn't work after I burn it to a CD
(i.e. the user/querent is using CD burning software that is not recognizing the target file as a pre-mastered ISO image).
The best answer to this question seems to at the LinuxISO web page:
... where one can also find ISO images of over twenty Linux distributions, as well as FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD (which I usually call *BSD or {Free,Net,Open}BSD for brevity's sake).
What I particularly like about this page is that they used to have a Javascript animation that showed a sequence of dialogs and options in "Easy CD Creator" that selected the appopriate "Options, Track Type" settings for burning pre-mastered ISO images. (Even though that seems to have disappeared, the information is still there; MS Windows users just have to READ it and find the

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