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(?) Hi Gazette

From Internet

Answered By Mike Orr, Breen Mullins, Heather Stern

Hi maybe you can help me I need to create a group with some users inside, and with the name of this group send to only one address mail, and the mail

come to the users that I registered in the group. The majordomo-1.94. is not the solution for me.



atte.: César Dí@z M.

(!) [Mike] Why is majordomo-1.94 not the solution? What is it doing wrong?
There are other mailing-list managers such as Mailman (http://www.list.org). However, without knowing why you don't like Majordomo, we don't know whether Mailman would be any better for you.
(!) [star] There are about a gazillion mailing list managers, all aimed at different special requirements...
For example, some which are aimed to be administered at a web interface only. Not that I think that's terribly secure, but...
Anyways if you type "mailing list" into the search index gadget at the top of Freshmeat (http://freshmeat.net) you'll find more than you have any idea what to do with.
(!) [Mike] The easiest way to maintain a small mailing list is to add an alias in /etc/aliases:
listname:  member1@site.com, member2@site.com, member3@site.com
Then you don't need a mailing-list manager at all. Just send mail to listname, and it will go to all the members. Of course, you'll have to edit the aliases file manually to add or delete addresses.
Remember that certain main transport agents require you to run a program after modifying /etc/aliases. With Postfix, the command is "postalias /etc/aliases". Exim doesn't have a command to run. Sendmail has a command whose name I don't know.
(!) [Breen] /usr/bin/newaliases
(!) [star] (It's also worth noting that with Postfix, "newaliases" also does the right thing, to be friendly for sendmail users.)
You can mention aliases inside each other:
wendy_in_hr: miz_wendy, wendy_hr@example.org
john_vp_eng: john, john_bossman@example.org
jobs: wendy_in_hr, john_vp_eng
As long as you don't care that when Wendy and John reply to the email, the addresses they are replying from get revealed, this works fine, and might even be prefereable to "full flavored" mailing list software.
When it gets large and you need to convert up to list software, consider Smartlist; that's its specialty.

... César went and banged on it for a little while...
Hi again Gazette: I have attemp that you wrote in the last mail, and was successful. Thanks.... but now I have another trouble..How can I restrict that address mail??? I want to give permissions to send to that address only by some users the "Adminsitrator" for example, and other users canīt send or reply or forward mails to that address, only who I decide. Thanks for your answers .
Cesar Diaz.
(!) [Mike] You attempted what? Adding an alias in /etc/aliases?
Using the alias strategy, you cannot restrict who sends the message. Aliases are for convenience, not control.
You could try to do some trickery with your mail transfer agent or procmail, but for restricted lists, you're better off using a mailing-list program.
Why didn't majordomo work for you? You still haven't said.
If you want us to help, we need to know all the requirements. Who may post, who may subscribe, whether the list is announcement-only or for discussions, etc.

(?) Thanks for your help: In acord with your answer I think so we have to use a list manger like majordomo or mailman but really i`m beginner with redhat and appear some messages when i try to install .....ok no exactly when I install .....for example I use the "manager package" when select the majordomo and begin the installation but send a message "Error" so the instalation isn`t seccesfull .

I attempted with a secodn option The Mailman..but was the error and try with text mode ( console) and the installation run well but I can`t see an icon or signal to configure it.....

Iwas checking in red hat`s site and attemp this 3 instructions.... but I can to do it work

Summary: Mailing list manager with built in web access.
Description: Mailman is software to help manage email discussion
lists, much like
Majordomo and Smartmail. Unlike most similar products, Mailman gives
each mailing list a web page, and allows users to subscribe,
unsubscribe, etc. over the web. Even the list manager can administer
his or her list entirely from the web. Mailman also integrates most
things people want to do with mailing lists, including archiving, mail
<-> news gateways, and so on.

When the mailman package has finished installing, you will need to:
1.-* run /var/mailman/bin/mmsitepass
to create the mailman administrator password
2.-* edit /var/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py
to customize mailman's configuration for your site
3.-* add these lines:
ScriptAlias /mailman/ /var/mailman/cgi-bin/
Alias /pipermail/ /var/mailman/archives/public/
Options +FollowSymlinks
to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to configure your web server.
Users upgrading from previous releases of this package will need to
move their data or adjust the configuration files to point to the
locations where their data is.

.....really I would like to work with majordomo but when I open the majordomo section appear a message like this...

Your majordomo version is not supported by Webmin. Only versions 1.94 and above are supported.

I donīt know why appear this message if i install majordomo-1.94.4-7.i386.rpm after I find 1.94.5-2.i386 and try to install but send a message that find a conflict with th mailman.

What can I do.?????????? Cesar Diaz

Thanks for your time to answer me.

(!) [Mike] I'm having difficulty understanding what the error is. I'm Cc'ing our Spanish translators:
Felipe Barousse <fbarousse@piensa.com> Rory Krause <rory@ssc.com>
Can you explain the problem to them in Spanish? Then they can translate it for us.
Send all follow-ups to tag@lists.linuxgazette.net.

(?) Ok.....(in spanish) Gracias por su tiempo al tratar de ayudarme... He tenido problemas al instalar un manejador de listas de correo basicamente es el majordomo-1.94

el cual se intaló pero el webmin no lo puede activar y manda el siguiente mensage:

Your majordomo version is not supported by Webmin. Only versions 1.94.4-7 and above are supported.

como ya no pude hacer más se instal ocaute; en Mailman que tampoco pude activar , despues regrese a intentar instalar una version más reciente del majordomo la cual fué majordomo-1.94.5-2 pero detectó conflictos con el mailman y de ese paso no he podido salir.

p.d. tenia el webmin 0.85 y lo actualizé al 0.88 y se actualizó correctamente, este fue hecho antes de tratar de instalar los dos manejadores de listas de correo.

César Díaz

(!) [Mike] For those joining us just now, César wants to run a restricted mailing list, where only the administrator is allowed to post. He tried Majordomo and Mailman, but got different installation errors in both cases.
(!) [Heather] Hmmm, what is his distro.
I know that Majordomo can do that easily (I think I have a template for that style) but, some distros seem to feel that you should have only one list manager software installed, and perhaps he is getting that.
The explicit error message given by his packaging system would probably be useful.
It is possible, but clunky, to remove all of the package-manager packages, then build the chosen package from source; then you know it will run locally, but the documentation is often messier or missing that way.
There is a majordomo version 2 out, which claims some interesting features, and to have shot an uncountably high number of bugs. However it is in that weird internet-based-project state of "it may be finished someday". I mention it because, as far as I can tell, some educational institutions decided to go ahead and use it anyway.
If you type "mailing list" into the search gadget at Freshmeat.net you get so many projects you have to spend all day looking at them. "web mailing list" narrows it down a little, though there are still some false hits.
I mentioned Smartlist before, but if he wants to use a web interface, it's probably not what he needs, at least not without some booster packages. OTOH it only needs procmail, which he might already have installed "for free" because it's extremely popular as the local-deliver agent for mail.

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