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(?) Re: Linux solution to syncing with Exchange Address books as a client

From Alan Maddison (published in 2c Tips, Issue 68)

Answered By Anthony E. Greene

I hope that you can help me find a solution before I'm forced back to NT. I have to find a Linux solution that will allow me to connect to an Exchange server over the WAN and then sync address books.

(!) [Anthony] The closest thing I can think of for this is to configure your standards-compliant mail client to access the Exchange Global Address List (GAL) via LDAP. This is a built-in capability of Exchange server that often goes unused. If the LDAP interface is enabled, you can get to the Exchange GAL using the LDAP abilities in Netscape, Pine, Balsa, Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book (part of Outlook Express). The latest version of Mozilla may also support LDAP.
If you want to export the GAL for use in an LDAP server, you will need both Outlook and Outlook Express installed.

See attached csv2ldif.pl.txt

Take the resulting LDIF file and import it into your LDAP server using its import tools.

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