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(?) Download Linux

From bugzy247

Answered By Karl-Heinz Herrmann

I wanted to know where I can download the full version of the new Linux, that is for a personal computer (i.e. instead of using Windows)

(!) [K.H.] You are aware that a "full version of Linux" is about 2 to 7 CD's worth of data?
There is a ever growing collection of Linux distributions out there.
You want to choose one to install your system. There are the bigger ones like RedHat, SuSE, Debian which will come on a several CD set. There are smaller ones like Mandrake, icelinux, .... however they are called.
Then there is slackware -- that available online and as CD (low cost) but it does not come with any support.
[Heather] I wouldn't exactly call installation-only "no support":
Many distros have a free version (they sometimes call it an evaluation disc) which comes with no support, but which you can copy to anyone who needs it. So, those are the kind you get for about $5 at the average CD libarary shop like CheapBytes. It's also usually only 1 or 2 discs, so at least it's less to download, if you go that route.
Debian's "pseudo image kit" is the most curious download - if you aren't stuck on an OS/2 box or somesuch, you can fetch a partial image and rsync in the corrections: http://cdimage.debian.org
(!) [K.H.]
A quite puristic version would be Linux from scratch:
If you are completely new to Linux I would try to look for some Linux user nearby and take what he uses -- that way he can help a lot better.
If you don't know anybody using Linux I would recommend one of the more complete distributions together with manual -- it will help to have something printed. It's sometimes difficult to read online documentation if the system won't run properly yet .-)
If you wan't to look at the distributions websites try: http://www."name of distri".com (or maybe .org).
Also I recommend The Linux Documentation Project:
(!)[Heather] The Linux Gazette is part of this project :)
[K.H.] especially the Guides:
and "Getting Started":
Hope that hleps you along,

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