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(?) getting 2 dynamic ip addresses

From Christi Gell

Answered By Mike Orr

I have a DSL and I want to get 2 dynamic IP addresses w/it. I've got a hub, but every time my husband needs to get online, I need to release my IP address.

(!) [Mike] Your hub is connected directly to the DSL modem? In that case, you will have to contact your ISP to get a second dynamic address from them... if you can.
A more common scenario is to have one computer (the server) connected to the modem and also to the hub. The second computer is connected only to the hub. The first computer has IP firewalling and IP masquerading compiled into the kernel. (I assume you're running Linux, since you sent this to a Linux answer forum. If you're using Windows, you'll have to go somewhere else for help.) Then you enable IP masquerading on the server. Now the second computer can reach the Internet without needing a second dynamic IP from the ISP.
To set this up, search for "masquerading" or "masquerade" in the Linux Gazette search engine (www.linuxgazette.net/search.html). Or pick up a Linux configuration book from the bookstore or look in the manual that came with your distribution.

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