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From Carlos Moreno

Answered By Felipe E. Barousse Boue (one of our translators)

This message was sent to the gazette mailbox in Spanish. Mike Orr forwarded it to Felipe for translation. Sadly, Carlos' accent marks got mangled in the transition.

Here it goes: (I decided to add a reply to Carlos...by the way, I can tell by his email that he seems to live in Mexico)

(?) Hi Linux friends, I need your help desperately. I just got a Linux disk (Red Hat 6.0) and the installation process was very painful

After finding out how disk druid worked, I started to partition my disk. It took around 15 minutes to install and configure, at the end I assigned a password for "root" and reboot the equipment.

A huge amount of text was displayed with many "OK". Finally, it printed the "login" prompt where I typed out "root" and my password, then it displays the following message:

[Bash: root@localhost /root]#

I don't know what to do, I can't initialize Linux and it's very disspointing. I want to start on a KDE graphical interface and I can't. Please help me, I ned it a lot.


Carlos Moreno.

(!) [Felipe] Hola Carlos:
Welcome to the world if Linux. It seems that you installed Linux correctly since you are getting all those "OK" prompts after rebooting your system and at the end you get a "login" prompt. When you type your "root" id and your password, in fact your ARE now in Linux but, you are in text mode.
If you want to initiate the graphical user interface, first you have to ensure that the graphical environment was installed in first place and, second, that it is configured correctly for your equipment. To start, give the "startx" command after you logged in and got the shell command prompt:
Bash: root@localhost /root]# prompt
This will attempt to initialize the Graphics Environment, if, and only if it is installed and configured correctly. Otherwise, you will have to install it and set it up. (that is a long question/reply so, lets first find out it if you are ok at this point.)
I will suggest that you take a look at http://www.gacetadelinux.com which contains the Spanish edition of Linux Gazette and there we have a new user forum -in Spanish- where you can get a lot of help related to Linux, including installations, configurations and Linux use.
I can assure that once you learn a little bit about Linux, you will have a great experience with this operating system.
Greetings for now.
Felipe Barousse

(?) Hola amigos de Linux necesito ayuda desesperadamente,acabo de adquirir el disco de linux (red-hat 6.0) la instalacion fue un verdadero viacrucis.

Despues de averiguar como funcionaba el disk druid empece a hacer mi particio linux me tarde aprox. 15 minutos en instalarlo y configurarlo. y finalamente asigne una contrase?a para "root" y reinicio el equipo, se desplego una enorme cantidad de texto y muchos "Ok" Finalmente me pidio el login en el cual puse "root" y mi contrase?a, entonces desplega el siguiente mensaje

[Bash: root@localhost /root]#

y no se que hacer, no puedo iniciar linux y es traumatico kiero iniciarlo en interfase KDE y no puedo, por favor ayudenme es indispensable

Atte. Carlos Moreno

(!) [Felipe] Hola Carlos:
Bienvenido al mundo de Linux. Al parecer, por lo que describes, instalaste correctamente Linux. Esto lo puedo decir por todos los "OK" que aparecieron cuando re-iniciaste tu equipo. Al final, cuando te pide el "login" y tu tecleas root y tu password, de hecho ya estas en Linux solo que en modo de texto.
Si quieres iniciar el modo gráfico, primero hay que asegurarse de que lo hayas instalado en un principio y esté correctamente configurado. Para ello prueba usar el comando "startx" cuando te aparece el prompt de comando:
[Bash: root@localhost /root]#   startx
Esto intentará iniciar el modo gráfico si y solo si está instalado. En caso contrario habrá que instalarlo o, en todo caso configurarlo correctamente.
Te sugiero visites la edición en Español de Linux Gazette en http://www.gacetadelinux.com y ahí, en el foro de principiantes puedes encontrar mucha ayuda relativa a la instalación, configuración y uso de Linux.
Te puedo asegurar que una vez que aprendas un poco de Linux, tendrás una muy agradable experiencia con éste sistema operativo
Un saludo por ahora.
Felipe Barousse Boué

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