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 June 1999 Linux Journal

The June issue of Linux Journal is now on newsstands. This issue focuses on Standards with an article by Daniel Quinlan about what's happening with the Linux Standard Base Project and one in which the various distributions tell us how they feel about standards. Linux Journal now has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue62/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/ljsubsorder.html.

 Linux Certification Group Launches Survey

April 1, 1999 -- The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) today announced the launch of a survey to be taken by Linux system administrators. The survey's results will be used in the development of a professional certification program.

This survey (located on the web at http://www.lpi.org/cgi-bin/jass.py) is open to the public, and all Linux administrators are encouraged to participate.

"We have always been a community organization," said LPI executive director Evan Leibovitch. "The survey is just a continuation of our open process, and commitment to meet the needs of Linux users."

The survey takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Running until mid-April, its data will assist the LPI in designing the exam-based program it will use to certify Linux professionals. It is one of the early steps in the development of the LPI's three-level program, detailed at its website at http://www.lpi.org/.

The LPI is a non-profit, vendor-independent organization with more than 200 participants.

 First International May Day Linux Fest!

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 12:13:55 -0400
An ISP in Southwest Virginia, LSNet ( http://www.ls.net/) and is planning the First International May Day Linux Festival on May 1st this year. The url for this little shindig is http://www.ls.net/linux/expo.html.

For more information:
Starr Hopkinsstarr@ls.net

 WWW Announcement

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 22:37:44 +0200
Linux Development Tools web site annouced:
This resource page is meant as a collection of links to development software (i.e. programming languages, tools and libraries) available for Linux. Most references to such tools are scattered around on more general resources sites. The aim is to have these in a repository exclusively reserved for development tools.

For more information:
Gerard Milmeister, gemi@bluewin.ch

 Linux Links

Mozilla: http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/nomo.html

Linux kb: http://linuxkb.cheek.com/

"I bet the Farm on Linux" Contest: http://www.standishgroup.com/rules.htm

First penguin comic: http://www.gigaperls.org/linux/

The Linux Image Montage Project: http://linux.remotepoint.com/

Red Hat and Dell Press Release

Software Announcements

 Debian Touts Integrated SGML Environment

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 10:41:44 -0500 Debian's 2.1 distribution, now in release, features integrated SGML, XML, and DSSSL infrastructure and packages. Debian's innovative SGML subsystem positions Debian as a premier platform for SGML and XML developers, offering a complete working toolset for documenters and markup programmers with no manual setup required.


We believe that Debian's open model of participation and committment to system quality (as reflected in the Debian Policy http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/) puts Debian head-and-shoulders above other commercial or free systems. SGML integration efforts continue apace in the unstable distribution, including DocBook 3.1, DocBk XML, TEI, and more DTDs.

For more information:
Debian, http://www.debian.org/


Miamisburg, OHIO -- (March 30, 1999)
With a 32-bit algorithm, PKZIP UNIX zips LINUX files up to 2GB of uncompressed data and creates a single, compressed archive resulting in an average savings in disk storage space of 50-70%, with some database and spreadsheet compressing to 1/10th the original size.

PKZIP UNIX is cross-platform compatible with the entire line of PKZIP products including the AS/400, DOS, Macintosh, MVS, OS/2, VM, VMS, VSE environments, MultiZip for NetWare and Nico Mak Computing's WinZip. A self-extractor program is included so that zipped files can be utilized other LINUX users. With a self-extractor attachment (SFX), PKZIP is launched when the zipped file is opened.

This product is available at http://www.pkziplinux.com/ as shareware for $24.99.

For more information, contact: Ascent Solutions Inc., http://www.asizip.com/

 HP OpenMail/VirtualVault news

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 30, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced a new program that combines HP OpenMail with the HP VirtualVault trusted Web platform, enabling organizations to reduce the costs of supporting remote e-mail users dramatically while greatly simplifying access.

The integration of OpenMail and VirtualVault eliminates the need for remote users to rely on dial-up networking or carry a laptop to access e-mail from remote locations. OpenMail users simply access an SSL-secured URL from any device with an Internet browser, including PDAs, Web phones, walk-up terminals and PCs. The browser accesses OpenMail Web client software located on a VirtualVault server. The server then connects users to their OpenMail accounts on OpenMail servers inside the corporate firewall.

With this solution, companies can reduce their investment in remote-access systems, private networking, and associated support and help-desk staff. HP estimates that it can cost organizations up to $500 annually to support a remote user. By using OpenMail with VirtualVault, organizations can reduce these costs by as much as 75 percent.

For more information:
OpenMail, http://www.hp.com/go/openmail/
HP, http://www.hp.com/

 SiteEater 2.0 SFS SOFTWARE

Erfurt GERMANY, March 31 1999
SFS SOFTWARE is proud to announce the release of SiteEater 2.0 . The popular, and cross-platform website downloader can be used to copy web content to the local hard drive for offline browsing, archiving and presentations.

SiteEater is the most powerful, cross-platform, offline browsing, site mirroring and file-retrieving tool on the Internet. The software runs fully automated, multithreaded and link-following. SiteEater downloads all or only specific files. The software tool is able to download entire websites or just special file sets to the computer's hard drive. SiteEater users are able to copy favourite websites to the local harddrive for offline browsing, presentations or archiving.

Fully functional evaluation versions of the software are available on the SFS SOFTWARE website at http://www.sfs-software.com/. The product can be ordered online at http://www.sfs-software.com/shop/.

For more information:
SFS Software, http://www.sfs-software.com/, info@sfs-software.com

 eMerchant, Magic Software's Powerful New Business-to-Business e

At the Internet Commerce Expo last week in Boston, Magic Software's powerful new business-to-business e-commerce solution, eMerchant, was selected by the more than 12,000 conference attendees as a Best of Show award winner. eMerchant is an extremely robust, high volume transaction processing solution that enables businesses to quickly move their supply chain activities to the Internet to recognize significant operational efficiencies and high degrees of profitability.

At the Internet Commerce Expo, Magic also announced free limited development and deployment licenses of Magic for Linux, together with demo applications and free email support, to enable Linux developers to rapidly build e-commerce solutions for Linux. Within hours, 300 CDs of the software were given away, with several hundred requests for additional copies. The attached release describing these events should be of interest.

For more information:

 Helius, MTI Technology Corp. and Caldera Systems Partner to Demonstrate...

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- BrainShare -- March 22, 1999 -- Helius, Inc., MTI Technology Corp. (Nasdaq: MTIC) and Caldera Systems, Inc. today announced plans to demonstrate solutions for large file data distribution and storage at the BrainShare conference. The high-speed and universal coverage of satellite transfer, large capacity RAID and the stability of Linux will provide strong product applications for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to cache Internet data and allow the hospitality industry to distribute and store entertainment digitally.

For more information:
MTI Technology Corp., http://www.mti.com/, info@mti.com
Helius, Inc., http://www.helius.com/
Caldera Systems, Inc., http://www.calderasystems.com/, linux@calderasystems.com

 Penguin Release

San Francisco, CA March 18 Penguin Computing, Inc., the nation's largest and fastest-growing company focusing exclusively on turn-key Linux solutions, announced today that it now offers Internet and Oracle database applications on Linux computers systems powered by the new Intel Corporation's (Nasdaq: INTC) Pentium III Xeon. The Pentium III Xeon processor for workstations and servers, which debuted yesterday, is the most powerful, reliable and compelling platform for viewing, creating, and sharing Internet-driven content.

Penguin Computing is able to provide Pentium III Xeon powered turn-key Linux-based systems immediately. Penguin is therefore uniquely positioned to take advantage of the explosive growth of both Linux and E-commerce. E-commerce revenues are estimated to reach $1 trillion in the next decade.

For more information:
Penguin Computing, http://www.penguincomputing.com/

 Salon Adopts Linux

San Francisco, April 5 -- Salon.com ( http://www.salon.com/), formerly known as Salon Magazine, has adopted Linux as its enterprise Internet server platform. The adoption of Linux, and the new Web address, coincide with a site redesign that launched today.

The server platform has moved from Windows NT to a customized version of the Red Hat 5.2 distribution of Linux. The site is moving its critical business functions, Web serving and ad serving to the Linux platform in order to support Salon.com's growing needs.

Says Chad Dickerson, Vice President of Technology, "For a growing company like Salon, Linux is the best of all worlds. It's a proven technology, it's low cost and high performance, and it's broadly supported. The robustness and stability of the Linux operating system make it ideal for mission-critical applications."

According to Dickerson, Linux will provide a solid technical backbone to support Salon's move from a magazine-based model to a network of web sites. The site redesign needs the versatility and power of Linux to keep pace with its growing business and e-commerce needs.

A key factor in the decision to adopt Linux was the availability of Real Media's industry-leading Open Ad Stream advertising software for use with Linux and the Apache web server.

For more information:
Salon, http://www.salon.com/

 New Java Tools Available At http://sourceware.cygnus.com

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 7, 1999 - Cygnus Solutions, the leader in open source software, today announced the immediate availability the Cygnus GNU Compiler Java Edition (GCJ) complete with open source Java libraries. Now all Java application developers can take advantage of the significant performance gains offered by GCJ, a Java compiler built with GNU compiler technology that allows Java source code and Java byte codes to be compiled to native instructions. The Java libraries (java.lang, java.util, java.io, java.test, and java.net) and compiler are available in source form on http://Sourceware.cygnus.com.

GCJ allows developers to write applications in the Java programming language for the Linux OS. By compiling to machine code rather than bytecode, Cygnus Java Compiler technology enhances application performance more that twenty times than an interpreted application. This Java technology is also ideal for embedded systems developers, who are seeking the best tradeoffs in performance, memory footprint, and cost.

Pricing and availability
GCJ and the libraries are immediately available for Linux OS at http://Sourceware.cygnus.com/. Embedded developers who wish to use GCJ may contact Cygnus for availability on the more than 125 host/target combinations in the Cygnus product matrix.

For more information:
Cygnus, http://www.cygnus.com/ info@cygnus.com

 Hewlett-Packard and Cygnus Solutions Collaborate On Tools

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 5, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company and Cygnus Solutions today announced that they will deliver Cygnus' market-leading GNUPro(R) Toolkit for HP-supported platforms under HP's Foundation Program for software development partners. Open-source developers now will have access to a common set of commercial-quality tools that facilitate development of applications deployed on Linux, HP-UX(1) and Windows NT(R) systems.

HP and Cygnus also plan to enhance the popular open-source GNU toolsuite for HP's PA-RISC(2) 64-bit processors. HP will make its PA-RISC debugger technology available to the open-source community and Cygnus. In addition, Cygnus will provide toolchain optimizations, value-added software components, and developer support services for GNUPro software development products.

For more information:
Cygnus, http://www.cygnus.com/gnupro/, info@cygnus.com
Hewlett-Packard Company, http://www.hp.com/ SuSE V6 Linux Release

Just released internationally, SuSE Official Linux 6.0 is now available nationwide through Johannesburg-based software distributor OS/2 Express SA. SuSE Linux has set new standards for quality and ease of use, offering the most comprehensive packages of Linux-based applications. With its world-class customer service and support, SuSE is the leading distribution of Linux in Europe, and its popularity is growing fast in North America and Asia among seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.

SuSE Linux supports most hardware, including common printers, network, sound and video cards, and monitors. Both the GNOME and the KDE graphical desktop environments are included in the package.

New features in version 6.0 include, for the first time, full support for glibc2, while libc5 applications are still supported.

This latest version is kernel 2.2-ready, and as soon as version 2.2 of the Linux kernel becomes available, SuSE users may just copy it into their installation. Kernel 2.0.36 is included in SuSE 6.0, with full featured support for SCSI-Controller Adaptec 2940U2W/7890 and AMI Megaraid. The alternative kernel is 2.1.130.

A further boon is the inclusion of the personal edition of StarOffice 5.0, Germany s fastest-growing office suite (with over 30% market share already), in SuSE Official Linux 6.0, which also features new init-scripts whereby services can be activated and deactivated even when they are disabled in rc.config; and new flags: restart, reload, check and status.

For more information:
SuSE, http://www.suse.com/

 GraphOn Releases New Versions of Server-Based Connectivity Software for Multi-user NT, Windows PC and Java access of UNIX and Linux applications

GraphOn Corporation (http://www.graphon.com/) important new features to its thin, server-based connectivity software, GO-Global version 1.6, GO-Joe version 2.3, and GO-Between version 1.1, including improved data compression for more speed, international keyboard compatibility, improved password security, shared TrueType font capability and support for Red Hat Linux 5.1.

GraphOn is also unifying its server component, GlobalHost, so that a single Universal X Server operates with all the latest versions of GraphOn's GO-Global (Windows), GO-Joe (Java) and GO-Between (Windows Terminal Server/multi-user NT) clients.

For more information:
Graphon, http://www.graphon.com/News/pr-newversions032299.html

 Linux Press

PENNGROVE, CA (March 31, 1999) - Linux Press today unveiled plans to introduce a series of Linux titles during 1999. First in the series, "Linux Volume 1: ac to zcat, the basics", is written by Dale Scheetz, a member of the Debian Linux development team, and is based on the popular "Coherent Manual".

"Linux Volume 1: ac to zcat, the basics" is designed to appeal to both new and power users of Linux. The first part of the book features tutorials explaining common utilities found in Linux, walking the reader through a variety of useful tools, such as awk, sed, shells, and emacs. With a wide array of examples, the user can quickly and easily learn and apply utilities included with all the latest Linux distributions.

The second part of "Linux Volume 1: ac to zcat, the basics" is the Lexicon. This section comprises several articles that define and discuss Linux concepts. Arranged alphabetically, these articles provide an in-depth yet easily accessible source of information on specific topics, such as apropos, crontab, emacs, ifconfig, lex, patch, mke2fs, nroff, route, standard error and whereis.

For more information:
Linux Press, http://www.linuxpress.com

 Natural MicroSystems, leader in open telecommunications, announces support for Linux community

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. April 7, 1999 -- Natural MicroSystems (NASDAQ:NMSS), the technology leader in Open Telecommunications, today announced that Linux drivers are now publicly available through the open-source code model for its Alliance Generation=AE DSP (digital signal processor) boards. Developers can use these drivers to build a wide range of telecommunications applications on Linux from Web-enabled call centers to IP telephony gateways and speech recognition systems. The announcement reflects Natural MicroSystems=92 commitment to address the immediate needs of the rapidly growing Linux community, which is accustomed to employing open-source code for software development. Source code for the Alliance Generation DSP boards can be obtained via the Web at http://www.opentelecom.org/ .

In addition to providing the above-mentioned source code for Linux, Natural MicroSystems provides the complete source code for its circuit-switching and CompactPCI hot-swap software at the http://www.opentelecom.org site. The company also offers NaturalEdge consulting, support, integration, and testing services for Linux developers who want to accelerate development and deployment of applications.

For more information:
Natural MicroSystems, http://www.nmss.com/

 la51 0.0 beta 8051 cross assembler & clobberd 4.5 beta

Is an 8051 cross assembler for Linux/UNIX. It will take your standard *.a51 file and assemble it as an Intel *.hex file. It's very beta at this stage, although, I have done extensive testing with it, and it will accurately assemble every a51 program I have written.


la51 comes under the GNU GPL and is free software.

Clobberd 4.5 beta
A new clobberd update has been released which fixes some bugs in release 4.3.


clobberd also comes under the GNU GPL.

For more information:
Jason Nunn, http://www.downunder.net.au/~jsno/

 Geodesic's Great Circle Supports Linux

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:50:35 -0400
Geodesic Systems' announced that their product, Great Circle, now supports the Linux platform. Great Circle is a complete solution to debugging and eliminating memory leaks. Different from the standard debugger, Great Circle can both identify and eliminate all of an application's memory leaks automatically.

In addition to the software product, last year Geodesic began providing a Memory Audit Service to clients by targeting memory allocation problems in their applications. The consultants assess key aspects of a company's application's memory usage and make specific recommendations for improvement.

For more information:
Bill Snethen, bsnethen@rmr.com

 Business Accounting for Linux

April 15, 1999
Proven Software, Inc. announced today the release of Proven CHOICE, their off the shelf general business accounting package written specifically for Linux.

Proven CHOICE for Linux includes Sales Invoicing/Accounts Receivable CheckWriter/Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Financial Report Generator bundled for under $500USD. Proven CHOICE has all the general accounting essentials for small to medium sized businesses and becomes the foundation for fully-integrated specialized modules to be released in the near future.

For more information:
Proven Software, Inc., http://provenacct.com/ info@provenacct.com

 TCL/TK in a Nutshell Release

April 12, 1999
Sebastopol, CA--The Tcl language and Tk graphical toolkit are simple and powerful building blocks for custom applications. The Tcl/Tk combination is increasingly popular because it lets you produce sophisticated graphical interfaces with a few easy commands, develop and change scripts quickly, and conveniently tie together existing utilities or programming libraries.

One of the attractive features of Tcl/Tk is the wide variety of commands, many offering a wealth of options. Most of the things you'd like to do have been anticipated by the language's creator, John Ousterhout, or one of the developers of Tcl/Tk's many powerful extensions. Thus, you'll find that a command or option probably exists to provide just what you need. Keep TCL/TK in a Nutshell on your desk as you write scripts, and you'll be able to find almost instantly the particular option you need.

For more information:

 EasyCopy 6.0 Debuts at COE Spring Conference

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 20, 1999 - AutoGraph International (AGI) will release EasyCopy 6.0 at the COE TechniFair. EasyCopy 6.0 is a major rewrite of AGI's flagship, EasyCopy/X, which has an installed base of more than 150,000 users worldwide. With this new generation EasyCopy has taken a major step from a printing solution to a flexible set of image communication tools. And it runs on Linux.

EasyCopy/X 6.0 comes with a new Graphical User Interface, an integrated image viewer and a fast image browser. For image printing the new GUI offers complete control of the printer setup and improved selection of page layout and color options. WYSIWYG preview assists the user in printing or saving the image with the right options. EasyCopy 6.0 provides an open and flexible solution. It includes EasyCapture which gives the user the option of screen capture from the GUI, from the command-line, or via a hot-key=97easy definition of hot-key s gives the ultimate flexibility. As an option to screen capture, EasyCopy imports a wide range of common CAD and DTP image file formats. Filters can be installed to import virtually any image or graphics file format; and EasyCopy 6.0 is preconfigured with a number of popular filters. Printing and viewing assure that black/white as well as color image data will receive superior attention. You can remove background colors whenever it is appropriate to combine the sharpest output with saving money on ink or toner. You can communicate data via paper or transparencies using the printer of your choice or through the companion product, EasyConvert, share the data with applications demanding a different file format.

For more information:
AutoGraph International Inc, http://www.augrin.com/ Indelible Blue Announcement

RALEIGH, NC -- March 11, 1999 -- One of the country's top marketers of OS/2 hardware and software products and an IBM/Lotus direct channel partner today introduced Linux technical support, adding a centralized base of knowledge for most popular Linux distributions to its OS/2 support services.

Indelible Blue also offers custom pre-loaded Linux desktop and server systems, as well as multiple OS pre-loaded systems with Linux, OS/2 and/or Windows NT/98. Indelible Blue also carries a growing line of commercially available Linux software applications and development tools. With technical support, the company continues its movement to becoming a full service Linux provider.

For more information:
Indelible Blue, http://www.indelible-blue.com/linux/support/,

 The Independence Distribution

Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 20:52:15 GMT
We have a dream: spreding Linux between the masses. This requires making it easy to use. But it also requires to start thinking in those people who are not using or will not be using Linux as a traditional Unix. In those people who have to administer the box before knowing the simplest of the Unix commands. In those who will be using it at home and have a different idea of fun than C programming. It will require to stop thinking everyone is in a LAN or the box is powered up 24h a day. It will require to stop thinking Linux will be used only as a server or a programmers workstation.

The high cost of Unix banned it outside many areas of use. Linux can go where Unix never went but fulfilling those differents needs will not be reached by designing Linux distributions as just a cheap version of UNIX.

The Independence distribution is licensed under the GPL. It is developped not for profit by a small group of volunteers. Not for profit means we don't ourselves distribute it on CDROM but we will help anyone interested in doing it. Small group means you can make a difference if you contribute.

For more information:
Project Independence: Linux for the Masses, http://independence.seul.org/distribution/

 Linux Hardware Solutions to support Debian Project

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 12:51:21 -0500
Linux Hardware Solutions, Inc. a premier supplier of Linux systems and service, announced support for the Debian Project of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. The support comes in the form of a Linux Hardware Solution PS350RR-100 RAID rackmount server with 256 MB RAM attached to a dedicated colocation connection at Mindspring Enterprises' data center in Atlanta, Georgia to act as the new ftp.debian.org server.

The server has a retail value of $6100 and has been custom configured to address the specific needs of the Debian team.

For more information:
Linux Hardware Solutions, Inc., http://www.linux-hw.com/
Debian, http://www.debian.org

 Mylex Announces Support for Linux across Entire RAID Controller Product Line

FREMONT, CALIF. (March 1, 1999) -- In a move expected to greatly accelerate corporate adoption of the popular Linux operating system, Mylex Corporation today announced broad support for Linux across its entire product line. Mylex is the world's leading RAID controller vendor in the non-captive network systems marketplace, and supplies eight of the top ten PC server vendors.

The Linux driver for Mylex's RAID controllers was written by Leonard N. Zubkoff, a highly respected member of the Linux development community who is now the chief technical officer of Mountain View, California-based VA Research, Inc.

The driver is available for download from the author's Web site at http://www.dandelion.com/Linux/ and will be in upcoming Linux distribution releases.

For more information:
Mylex, http://www.mylex.com/

 SAP Annouces Linux Support

SAP, a German Enterprise Business Solution Software Company ( The biggest - beats peoplesoft jdedwards, baan etc ), has announced support for Linux, with first cutomer shipment 3rd Q this year. This will be unveiled at CeBit 99. The significance of this may not be immediately apparent, but basically this will mean that the stranglehold Microsoft has on the desktop environment of SAP customers can now be broken with the client GUI software becoming available for Linux. Not to mention other features of SAPs Internet related connectivity and general realtime interfacing components no longer being reliant on NT. This product is three tier, relying primarily on an Oracle, or Informix Database backend (hence other recent news).

For more information:
SAP, http://www.sap.com/

 Linux on Quad 750 PPC SBC

March 1, 1999, San Diego, CA -- Synergy Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has successfully run Linux with Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) on a quad-PowerPC 750 CPU board, running at 433 MHz. SMP allows the operating system to dynamically balance the processing load among the four processors. This allows the most efficient use of the four processors, resulting in performance up to four times faster than a single-processor board. This is the first time this level of performance has been achieved, and the first time Linux has been offered on a VMEbus single board computer.

The PowerPC 750 is currently available at speeds as high as 433 MHz. In addition, the processor features its own private L2 cache that can be accessed at up to 300 MHz. Four such processors in a system provide a very powerful compute engine for high-end general-purpose needs, digital signal processing (DSP), array processing and server applications.

For more information:
Synergy Microsystems, Inc., http://www.synergymicro.com/

 Tripwire(tm) 2.0 for Red Hat Linux Now Free

PORTLAND, Ore. - March 2, 1999 - Tripwire Security Systems (TSS), a Portland, Oregon-based software development company specializing in system security and policy compliance applications, today announced the free availability of the Red Hat Linux version of its popular Tripwire(tm) 2.0 File Integrity Assessment (FIA) software.

Tripwire 2.0 for Linux is available for download from the TSS website (www.tripwiresecurity.com). The free, commercial version will include basic customer support and on-line technical assistance. CD-Roms, user manuals, product upgrades and rapid-response customer service (4 hours or less) are available at an additional cost.

Tripwire's FIA technology provides the most fundamental layer of intrusion detection for the enterprise. It is the most widely deployed FIA software tool for the UNIX platform and is also a key technology for damage assessment and recovery, and forensics.

For more information:
Tripwire Security Systems, http://www.tripwiresecurity.com/


CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 5, 1999 -- Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) , leading supplier of user interface development tools for UNIX, today announced that its flagship product, Builder Xcessory (BX PRO(tm)), is now available for Red Hat Linux. ICS also announced that it would give away 1,000 free licenses for open source development over the next 10 weeks to visitors of its website. BX PRO is the GUI builder preferred by UNIX software developers because its WYSIWYG environment simplifies and speeds the creation of user interfaces.

For more information:
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., http://www.ics.com/ Red Hat Software, http://www.redhat.com/

Published in Linux Gazette Issue 40, Mid-April 1999

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