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(?)Buying DESQview and/or DESQview/X

From Larry Herzog Jr. on 19 Sep 1998

Do you have any idea where someone can by the final releases of both Desqview386 and Desqview/X??

Unfortunately I don't. If they don't offer it direct from Quarterdeck (try calling and pestering for it via voice line) then I have no idea where you could get it.
I presume you ask because you found a references to DESQview on my web pages. The fact is that I gave up on DV (and MS-DOS in general) about five years ago --- when I switched to Linux full time.
Linux will run on just about any hardware that could support DESQview/386 --- and it's DOSemu package is just about as good as DV ever got. XFree86, the X Windows system supported by Linux (and the other freenix varieties) is much more stable and modern than DESQview/X ever was (although I did like dwm --- their quick little window manager, and "appman" (applications manager).
I think it's a pity that Quarterdeck as done so poorly. However, I must say I saw it coming. That's one of the reasons I left their employ when I did (long before they gutted the whole department I had been in).
I think that the best things that Quarterdeck could do now are:
But, alas and alack, it is not likely to be. Sorry I can't help you more than that.

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