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(?)/usr/bin/open not found

From Jesus Alejandre on 16 Aug 1998

I tried to use your solution in "User Shell on Virtual Console 1" (Linux Gazette issue 30), but the command /usr/bin/open doesn´t exist in my system. I installed it from S.u.s.e. 5.2 , kernel 2.0.33 distribution.

Could you please tell me where can I find it?. Thank you very much. Jesús Alejandre.

(!)It should be one the CD's somewhere. I've got it on my S.u.S.E. 5.1 and my 5.2 systems, and I've seen it on several of my old Red Hat 4.x and 5.x systems over the years.
You can also look under:
... which will get you the a "tarball" (rather than an RPM). This probably contains source code which you'd compile for yourself. If you'd prefer to avoid that you could look in the "contrib" directories at Red Hat, it's mirrors and at S.u.S.E. That might net you an RPM if you have a strong preference for using the package manager.

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Published in Linux Gazette Issue 32 September 1998

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