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The original thread appeared in Issue 30, Solaris -> Linux. The entire thread below was also posted in the comp.unix.questions newsgroup.

(!)Remote lpd from Solaris to Linux

From The Answer Guy on 08 Jul 1998

Here's another suggestion forwarded from one of my readers:

(?) I like to print from Solaris to Linux. (...repeat of thread...)

(!) To which "Joe Ellis" adds:
Wasn't sure how to reply to this (no email address that I saw) but whoever had this question:
You have to (under redhat 5.0 anyway) add an account for each username on the remote system whom you wish to be able to print. I.E. if user 'foo' on the Solaris machine wants to remote print to the Linux box, you have to add a user account 'foo' to the Linux box. This is in addition to the host/ip in the /etc/hosts.lpd file. I haven't figured out WHY but I know in a stock redhat 5 box thats how it works. I cannot validate this for other Linux systems other than redhat as thats the only dist. I have access to at the moment.
That makes sense. You could probably edit the appropriate PAM (pluggable authentication module) configuration to allow anonymous access --- but I don't know, just off hand, which file that would be or what the magic configuration would look like.
I suppose we could ask on the PAM mailing list...
I've been meaning to install LPRng (the "next generation" print spooling suite) but haven't taken the time to do it. For now I actually rcp and print my files manually. I've had lpd working on some of my systems, sometimes. But I hardly ever print anything, so there's little inconvenience and not nearly enought to track it down.
For the first few years I used Linux I printed everything by preparing a file and using:
'cat ... > /dev/lp0'
... on that.
Let's just say, I don't like printers very much.

(?)printing Solaris->Linux

From kuksi on 13 Jul 1998

You have to (under redhat 5.0 anyway) add an account for each username on the remote system whom you wish to be able to print.

--: joe

There is no need to add an account, but thanks to Joe for the answer

Now it is working !!!! Yeahuj!! *** The problem was idiocity... : I installed the remote printer under Solaris:

1. #lpsystem -t bsd linux_machine_name
/Identifies the print server system and its type(bsd for BSD)/

2. #lpadmin -p printer_name -s linux_machine_name -T unknown -I any
/Identifies the printer on the printer server./

3. #accept printer_name
#enable printer_name

/Specifies that the print client can send print request to the printer./

4. #lpadmin -d printer_name
/Set's the printer as the system's default printer destination./

BUT! In the point 3. "enable printer_name" it isn't enough, because:

5. #lpstat -t 
scheduler is running
system default destination: printer_name
system for printer_name: linux_machine_name
printer_name accepting request since Mon Jul 13 10:25:43 MET DST 1988

printer printer_name is ready. disabled since Mon Jul 13 10:25:55 MET


DST 1988

new printer

/Verifies that the printer is ready./

It needs a second "#enable printer_name" command, and after this it is working...

Shhhhh.. ! ***


= (think i am

Thank for your answers


(?)printing Solaris->Linux

From kuksi on 14 Jul 1998

(?) You have to (under redhat 5.0 anyway) add an account for each username on the remote system whom you wish to be able to print.

--: joe

However joe has right....the linux account to be a must.

(gondolom en


(!)Well, if that's a problem you could always try LPRng. Otherwise you might want to set up Linux as a NIS client on this LAN (if you're using NIS) --- or configure it so that it's passwd files are kept in sync with the others (assuming you're maintaining synchronized passwd files, which you really want if you're running any NFS throughout that site).

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